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Front dot org today, what is this? I will say when I was younger, I was not in boy scouts. I was in this is I feel uncomfortable even saying the name of the organization, but Indian guides. Oh yes. Yeah. Jonathan Taylor, Thomas movie where it's at depicted him film. Anyway. My whole group was Jewish. It's like a father and son thing that you do very similar to boy scouts, and we would go on camp outs and then one year we, we had to cancel the camp out and I asked my parents, yeah, the KKK is out there. Oh, my. Real pretty surprising. This is in Maryland, the DC area. Wow, that's crazy. What a nightmare. That's awful when in reality, because if I would have gone to that campout I could've met Mitch, like twenty. Here. There wasn't a lot of Jewish people growing around. What happened here? Is it true that y'all could have camped out under mitch's robe. Feel bad. I don't do that. I don't do that. Might be the day. I do turn onto you. No. And whatever you are wider, fuck you to we test. We discussed this. We're talking your Palin Bellion. We just discussed this hour talking about our fades sharing. I didn't really listen. I'm curious about beyond the beyond delis and I know some of this stuff is going to get on Delhi boys territory, but I, we will speak. You know, in good faith, we will discuss. We will discuss faith and Jewish food. Okay, great. So I'm curious about if either of you guys were ever kosher for any appreciable period of time and what that what that was, what that experience was like?.

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