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Yeah, I know the impressive thing about him is that of course that day at Goodwood, which is a tricky course to meet but have really good balance. It's very unique racecourse and the fact that he dusted modern games on very quick ground, which I don't think is his optimal surface, he just makes really good horses like modern games. His stablemate real world he dusted twice in a row at ask at newbury's first race of the season in the lock and she made real world look like an average horse and he's just different class over a mile in further here so far in his career and I mean the only horse that can beat him tomorrow is a day, he's a son of frankel, he won easily when he won his epsom Darby than he had a pretty poor season last year and he's run once this year. So he'd have to improve several lengths to or buy you would have to somehow throw in a clunker and obviously one to four and any kind of racial one to 5 number represents any value. So I would say that I don't even it's one of these races he can't really get a betting angle on unless you're the kind of person the best 4000 to win a thousand. Well, let me ask you this, then if we're going to take the glass half full look on somebody else in this race, talking about betting the race and why not. This is betting with Bobby and we like to bet the races. If it's not by, what's the way that bid gets me, you know, this is the question we're asking ourselves when it comes to flight line and the breeders cup classic. If flight lines not going to win, how is it going to be that somebody beats him? Is it going to be that life is good? Gets out in front. He just never catches him. Or is it going to that he and life is good or going to go too fast an epicenter or somebody else is going to pass them both. If it's not by what's the most logical way you could see him not winning tomorrow. Well, I mean, one thing that I don't like as a handicapper is by either the inside post. So would have to start with a poor start. That would kind of take them out of his game plan in the first quarter mile. He's ridden by a consummate professional Jim Crow. He actually had a wonderful champion say last year at ask, and he's a former champion writer. He's the main writer for shadwell. He sees their rider, and this is the best source by far he's ever written in his career. He speaks about him like he's should be mentioned in the same breath as frankel and see the stars and really he should do. So he'd have to get a bad start. So you have to be taken out of his game early somehow. There's some pretty quick horses in here. He'd have to get sucked up to some sort of situation where they went too quickly. And I think it would have to come down to a bad start and perhaps bad tech tactics or pace that's not true and a day or would have to get a perfect trip. I mean, the third choice in the race is a very talented horse by new bay called bay bridge, the sir Michael stout trains, he's a nice horse, but in my opinion, he's clearly third best in here on paper. I can't see him winning. So logically, the only horse that can beat him is that they are. He ought to go off at about 5 to one. That's the only betting angle I can imagine the only horse in the field of 9 that I can see possibly beating by eating in fact, the first money in this race by UK standards is so high and there's a lot of horses that aren't here to run second or third because it's a nice piece of prize money. Speaking with bob and stanovich from the band pavement and he's been on HR and of course many, many times over the last year or two. He's actually in the UK now got to see bae gallop this morning. Also got to see alpinista live this morning. A little bit different look the pictures and videos you sent me from new market than what I saw at Prairie Meadows this summer. Yeah, no, Warren hill is a beautiful place in iconic Gallup amongst many here. And it's really a stiff uphill and of course these horses were just like stretching the legs or cantering up the hill today. Follows one of his 6 year old stable makes a very good horse in his own right called mon patum every day and he was very comfortable albanese is just she's an incredible horse. I mean, she looked like a horse that hadn't run in 6 months. She carries a lot of conditioning. There's still making a decision on whether or not she goes to the Japan cup. I don't see it happening. She's had she's won 7 races in a row now and she's won three this year and The Crown and glory for her. Was to win the arcs. I expect both of these wonderful animals to go to stud. After tomorrow and albanese, this has been sensational this year for her connections, which sir Mark Prescott the trainer. And

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