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Just type GS in see in the search bar. All right. Welcome back to the GMC solder podcast. I say we spent talking about mentioned the United and taught them. Now we move on and talk about the other EPL games over the weekend. Smith Chester city the Georgia, not of the EP l.. Actually came away, withdraw this past weekend against wolves. Wolves. I don't know how they did it, but they held their own. I mean, city maintain seventy two percent of the possession for the entire game. Two, seven more shots than them four more shots on target. Only able to come away with one goal in city had to play from behind in this one. They don't do that very often. Willie Bali scoring a goal with an assist from job, Tina in the fifty seven th minute. Then in the sixty ninety, the port scorn a goal assist from goon again and city after that try their hardest, but struggled to put it in the back of the net to take the lead. I mean. Is good. I'll wolves here is a big result. Especially considering that it's wolves. I mean, I'm not trying to disrespect or anything like that, but what do you think Manchester City versus wall? Do you think he's going to win, but what was it? Well, here at home, they're going to their lineup. He meant his up top Heller cost the and yet will Hotta playing in behind him. Dorothy playing on the right with moti, Motael and Neves playing the middle Johnny cash show played on the left, came away, injure it, say Bali, scorn. He played in the back with Connor Cody and the Ryan Bennett repatriate playing keeper here. And I like wolves. This transfer window bringing on a bunch of Portuguese players guys who. I've played together obviously, no. Pretty much how each player what their tendencies are, and even you got raw human is up top who is Mexican national, but played at Benfica the Portuguese style of play. I mean, this is basically Portugal's BT here. Have you look at it. It's it's how Portuguese they had their starting eleven, we'll count. He men is considering he played for Benfica so players, porch, Portuguese connections. So you got three already with cost, and he met his whole who played behind him. Then you got Ruben Nevis, John routine, yo. And the ROY Patricia has one, two, three, four, five, six out of the eleven with Portuguese connections. Five important one being a player who played over in the Portuguese league for Benfica and that's smart because like I said, they all know their style. They all know pretty much what works. What does. And then you look at cities starting eleven, you went with sterling Aguayo in the front three go into Fernandina in Silva, in the middle, and then in the bag had MENDIETA porta company in the car Walker with Edison playing keeper. We're gonna bench. They brought on Mars Gabrielli Seuss. LeRoy saw any left delph stones and ultimately on the bench. There. I mean, like I said, this is a big result here in one where. City aren't at the top anymore. You've got Liverpool Tottenham Chelsea. I'm what I up there in the top four, but out this is just a year where where. How do you say the latest as competitive throughout? I don't wanna see. Like last year was pretty cool. Seeing said he just dominate across the way, but now to see a season where it comes down to the final couple of matches or whatnot. So we'll see out all goes down. But other way said wolves did while the time with Manchester City. One one. Then we had arsenal playing West Ham. Arsenal. Did it start out this match? Well, we're down one zero on the twenty fifth minute yet. Markle not scoring there. You had not show Montreal with an scoring in the thirty th minute assist from Alex won't be played really well to this season to start out. Last year wasn't really, too good. Arsenal fans weren't really bagging him too much. Now. He seemed do step it up. So it's one one after the first half second half comes lock has come in for will be to start the half. Tarare come in for Wendy in the fifty six. And it's two one in the seventieth minute arsenal up due to is what the own goal. And then would you look at that Danny will scores goals. You guys scored in the ninety second minute, which made it three one. Their arsenal did well to come away with the win. I mean, basically dominated the match against West Ham..

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