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But they've they've kind of had a similar trajectory of the nats in the last few years right first round exits and they haven't made the anything not the last ten to fifteen they were out it's a it's a tough division to compete for these last five years with the cubs very very good yeah the pirates were very good the milwaukee brewers are getting very good they picked up some real people anyway so there were two things i wanted to talk about in the open to the show today one is lebron james saying the other day he was asked the question who would you vote for mvp and he said vote for me anyone on at forty one last night okay this was after the game they lost the team only scored seventy nine points miami and he went on and on and on about how bad the team has been and he actually used the fro the phrase how i kept the team afloat i kept the team afloat modesty not virtue of lebron james anymore and lebron james is we would all agree the best player in basketball right yes shit i pick if yes so he could be the it's like michael jordan every he could be the mvp every year and people just get tired of voting for him so steph curry got a couple of times and kevin durant got at once and west broad last year and hardly get it this year but he would be the overall number one selection so i was thinking and i wonder what you think about this that why especially this year the braun has touted himself when he's had very big point games he says that's the best i can do and he's talked about this year this the best i can play and he hasn't missed any games he used to take ten days off in the middle of the entering break to go to go to miami lay outside while plate in the cold somewhere heating care that that was to regenerate this year working with and it's similar to the tom brady circumstance working with a trainer a medical group that's not the teams but getting great results great results so i thought that he's not even talking to the person who has that question i think he's.

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