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So they're going to make the fight In that fight with ortiz. I think that there are a number of scenarios that are win. Win scenarios of for a bunch of different people In canada combinations of these fights you talk about that level just below the elitist right now. eighth to say whether or not you like or dislike joshua fury or or wilder right. Now that's the elite of the heavyweight division. It's unclear whether ucla is in that particular mix but he's getting a fight with that mix Just below that. We've got dillion white. Joe joyce luis ortiz andy. Ruiz and i think that any combination of those guys fighting each other is going to be an entertaining fight And you know it's it. You can't really complain if any of those guys fight one another you know. What's the fight. Well i don't even wanna be negative man. In any way we got of knock ian and then Helena's re-met so i won't even interject them into the equation and say that you know one of those guys again. Ruiz ortiz because both of those guys one would be losing and the other would be just coming off a fighted. You know we would have to wait too long so you know. The obvious fight is ruis who his trainer eddie renault so announced his back in september which is creeping it's creep in. It's right there. We're we're we're i mean we're fifty five days away from september eighteenth which is the alleged can nello date so we need some announcements pretty soon but big gucci. Nick let me know via message or something unknown if you wanna talk if not seems like. We got no collars sunday. Everybody at church at the beach. That's where my girl wants to go. But i want to work. It's not it's not a night. it's not a nice day. I here in new york city. I raynal the rain or gloomy just of. I'll show you bro. That's kind of what it looks like. You know dat is right. I do not yankee stadium. Fans that coast to yankee stadium dude. Also you don't have a car. You must not be able to move that. That's why i ride bikes and take the subway and you look so healthy pedal around to On a on a bicycle you know what i mean but Not gloomy and humid not really a day to really go out to do anything We got little community pool. I here in the park near by. I go there sometimes with. Now's not a day for it. So here i am with the box. Invoice may yeah man and we'll lind's coming right back addis Would have fought out. Disown is the only real payday for heavyweight. I know money isn't everything. But i wouldn't turn down millions to joshua yet. I mean the thing is that we don't know how much he was given. And then what split the paper views. It did due to seventy five. Have you know and we can't even divide those numbers we can't even. I mean obviously we can tell you to seventy five. I think is like what i mean. Just do it. The issue is we don't know what's wow this mandatory. We didn't know what he got paid. Officially but two hundred seventy five thousand ain't bad if you a tang davis because you ain't getting over five mill but you know eighty times. Two hundred. seventy five is twenty two mil you divide that by the two. So they made eleven million on. I don't know i. Obviously they ain't give lewis his his seven. Aj was offering you know. So i don't know. I don't know what i mean. There's also sponsorships endorsements ticket sales concessions all that greatness the factor in to the overall Revenue of a fight. But i don't know man you're right. Seven million is a hard pill to swallow. If you don't take that money but man catch me right here at seven. Pm eastern. but don't forget rinkside reporter. Joe labib eric. Lauda they go on at six p m eastern on youtube dot com forward slash the rinkside reporter right after they're done at seven. We are live at seven for our sunday. Show where we review everything over the weekend any sexy headlines and we serve up that crow for anybody the might pick carlos them My got a call your free to join us seven. If you wanna get to this call it. Before you give out your. Let's get to the call abro info aaron. What up what an. What am i He makes you call in now. I cannot every time you give me call them. But i'm not going to come adam. I came out of a couple of days ago. And it'd be as opinion and that's what it is but Yeah i think this is a great i. You know. I still don't know how joyce the but the second mandatory i mean. The man has thirteen price on his resume. There's no reason why he'd be the mandatory and espn wrote an article Saying that maybe eight they would have to drop the wbo bell. Did he beats. Music will be wants to go in a fight with wilder theory. So i know it's at least a year that wbz mandatory would have to be filled after age eighty. It's the bottom line is ever if we wanna see the undisputed against failure wilder that means joyce no-one fight ortiz has no one to fight. I think they despite its good fight And i think we're going to the uk and take that fight. And i think it's a win win for both fighters and happens after joyce. Confide deleon why. I don't see how taking that already white coming to. That was the wbz eliminator and it was for the wb. Oh intercontinental some witch rocket that commute. Take her yeah. But it's not about. It's not about her. What if the wbz orders. The fight with dillian dillion deny doesn't can't match. You can't negotiate with frank. Warren who joyce's wit is persecuted. Tom daddy did tom to go. I mean it's possible. And i wanna i wanna be mad at. It's possible i mean again. I think the uk it's two leagues. You know the uk is kept away from ortiz. I mean all. Look i mean. They're talking about parker to or two. I mean i could see parker joyce. Yeah i mean. That's yeah that's an. But i'm saying i would say i parker joyce i've seen white against joyce but i would rather see parker against ortiz or joining not two zero zora choice. I mean i'm sort of zora's more confident. Now that he's seen tackle and than on them. Damn shots it should always done. I mean i don't have to call the gatekeeper. Because everyone on your gate so look. I mean yeah maybe zora but come on the or white ortiz would be against joyous thirty good fights whatever happens happens either way. I'm happy that michael recall brother. If you wanna call in you know to do so one to five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here on the.

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