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You by Capital one shopping a Matt Piper in New York, and we begin with breaking news. The U. S has just hit 300,000 coronavirus deaths, the number just in, according to Johns Hopkins University. CBS is Dr David Vegas. We're worried that we're seeing record numbers of infections. Hospitalizations. I see you. Capacity is reaching its maximum amount across the country. And what that means is more deaths on the horizon, a weapon that will end the war's out. New York's governor described visors covert 19 vaccine After being approved late Friday, it was put into the arms of Americans beginning today. W. W. ELS, Dave Cohen from New Orleans, We finally have the first vaccine Dodger Robert Hearted action or medical center was on hand for the first injections of the vaccine. Dr Kathryn Bomb, Gardner fought back tears of joy getting her vaccination. The emotional it's a moment, you know, it really is a big moment in time. We've seen a lot of people that have been sick people that have died. Dr. Hart gave those getting the vaccine. A sticker gets you the sticker. There you go. Thank you. 21 days I'll be the next one. Dave Cohen for CBS News, New Orleans Electors or Garrett gathering in 50 States and the District of Columbia to formally vote for the next president. More from our Steve important life, they're the 538 votes that truly count the electors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Have cast 20 votes for the Honorable Joseph R. Biden across the country and state capitals and even via videoconference. Please hold up on Lee your ballot for the office of the president of the United States. The certificates formalizing the election of Joe Biden and Kamila Harris will be opened before a joint session of Congress. January 6th. President Trump's analyze signal they're intent on continuing their challenge to the election, then Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS, the Department of Homeland Security, and thousands of businesses are scrambling to respond to a huge hack that officials suspect was directed by the Russian government. CBS is Katherine Howard says they hit the U. S. Department of Treasury and Commerce Kremlin this morning denied any involvement in the hack. We don't know how large the cyber attack was, or one exactly. Hackers acquired in their breeches. The team's owner confirms this baseball team is getting a name change. Native American groups have criticized the name for years now, the Cleveland Indians say they will change their name, but it's unclear when the team's owner says the Indians name will be used for the upcoming season. The action follows a similar move by the NFL's Washington Redskins. They are now simply called The Washington football team. The head of one native American group calls the decision off monumental step forward correspondent Steve Futterman. At the Close the Dow lost 186. NASDAQ Up 62. This is CBS. New Brought to You by Capital one Shopping Capital, One shopping searches for and applies available coupon codes. What's in your wallet? Savings in available coupons. Very Your news, Live and local. This is WCBS news Radio 80, a radio com station 36 degrees here in Lower Manhattan. The snow and Rain for the most part is subsided in New Jersey, still getting some of it in the city and points north and West, clearing overnight with lows in the twenties. Tomorrow gusty with a high near 40 and then the big snow coming on Wednesday. Craig Allen joins us in a few minutes with the latest details on that storm. 403 at WCBS New York's first dose of the Fizer covert vaccine was administered today. At Long Island Jewish Medical Center. WCBS reporter Marla Diamond was their critical parent nurse says she's been through the darkest of days. So today I feel like There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's a long tunnel, as everybody has said, But I see the light. And so I'm very happy. Sandra Lindsay and the chairman of the Lenox Hill Emergency Department, Dr Eve, Duracell, the 1st and 2nd to get the vaccine. Both are African American and had a message for the community. I don't feel that I was picked out or targeted. I don't feel like I've been used. Um, I would say to them that this is different North Well, Health CEO Michael Dowling says they have a few 1000 doses here in Ellijay. Other hospitals in the north Well system will be getting vaccines on Wednesday. Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Marla Diamond. WCBS news radio 8 80 Mayor. De Blasio says he's proud. The first vaccine doses were delivered in New York. But, he warns the second wave of the virus is still building. WCBS is rich Lamb has more Mayor de Blasio watch Nurse Sandra Lindsay get the first shot of the Fizer vaccine and said, What a beautiful day a day we dreamed of a day to celebrate. I am I'm floating on air today. Let me tell you and the mayor declared, we now begin to day the largest vaccination effort in the history of New York City. It begins with Frontline hospital staff's nursing home workers and patients, but the Blasio made it starkly clear. But even as vaccinations are being administered, the second wave continues to build and the toughest restrictions might be in the offing. The governor said in the New York Times interview over the weekend that we should prepare for the possibility of a full shutdown. I agree with that. We need to recognize that that may be coming and we gotta get ready for that now, the mayor said. We cannot let that virus keep growing, especially at a moment where we are finally getting the vaccine. And can turn the corner rich lamb..

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