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NASDAQ lost another one and a half percent. Adobe stock fell after agreeing to pay $20 billion for startup web design app, figma, the most ever paid for a private software company. Ford will introduce a newly redesigned gas powered Mustang in 2024, possibly the last gas muscle car from Detroit. Middleburg will use a budget surplus to stabilize and repair the historic asbury church built in the 1820s. Jeff cable. News. Medical Virginia can grow your hair back with the latest technology for hair transplants and treatments. The technology doctors have used for years to restore damaged cells can now help slow or stop your hair loss and restore your thinning hair. Medical Virginia's PRP, hair restoration treatments, take only 45 minutes with no downtime. Right now, when you receive PRP treatments, you'll receive $500 off when you call 703-763-0118. Results from medical Virginia PRP treatments are amazing because they have technology and solutions no one else has. Go to medical Virginia dot com. Call them right now at 703-763-0118 for a free evaluation. Call 703-763-0118 to find out if PRP or their hair transplant technology. Can grow your hair back. I'm WTF. Kansas

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