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Probably come making it official john mathis as an investment banker specializes in tech deals partner at the boutique investment bank harborview advisers formerly worked in technology research group over at goldmann he joins us on the phone from jacksonville florida john nice to have you here with korean myself tell me about this deal does it make sense to you hi guys thanks for the question i look i think this is an amazing deal it that epic in it audacity in technology mna it it the equivalent tip i could of the weekend movie it's like pounding of gory hammer bihac is hands but he hero brought com you know it so is one hundred ten billion market kept up in it up to roll up into a vago declared here about the take down the king of royalty and qualcomm it really up so loda if if thors hammer a bangs loudly who's the who's the on this auto who's the thanos in this is the sherman antitrust act i mean it's hard to imagine one company controlling virtually every aspect of it from being overrun but but controlling the processing units the wireless units may be the the antennas themselves and more all the content for most of the cell phone was the smartphones made in the world it's hard to imagine parts of cell phones not going up of one company controls all that that's a great point but here it might take it it this is going to sound like it's come right out of the art of war and book but that move by a broad common and add make three point for he'll walk on it at a target weekend and under fire and it's a great time to strike if you look at their stock on the terminal bloomberg terminal over the past year they really mixed the runup at because of the pressure facing the business after a long run kicked out qualcom now at a standoff with apple over its in court they get called apple a liar two regulator that to be with one of your large customers ii the market really shifting and royalty model which make up eighty percent of quote on profit are are under pressure and take it to the third point here and really that where i've gotta give credit where broad common approach and forgive the pun but there's a trump card here the ceo you know you can abroad com ganic the president last week using a new home lou word read.

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