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In an interview ahead of her documentary set to be released next month, Paris Hilton told People magazine that she was abused at a boarding school in Utah County. Milton attended Provo Canyon School as a teen in the nineties for 11 months, she told People magazine quote. I knew it was going to be worse than anywhere else, she said when she arrived after attending other similar schools and behavioral treatment centers. It was supposed to be a school. The classes were not the focus at all. From the moment I woke up until I went to bed. It was all day screaming in my face, Face yelling at me continuous torture. She speaks more on her experience in her documentary. This is Paris, premiering September 14th on her YouTube channel. She says staff physically mentally and emotionally abused her and other teens at the school, including being put in solitary confinement for 20 hours at a time. They wanted to instill fear in the kid, so we'd be too scared to disobey them. She said. Experience traumatized her for years, and she said she was afraid to speak about it until now. School responded to people's requests for comment with following statement originally opened in 1971 Provo Canyon School, was sold by its previous ownership in August of 2000. Therefore we cannot comment on the operations or period. Patient experiences prior to this time, So Paris was sent to a bunch of different places doesn't sound like it was a school. It sounds like it was like a like a ray. Get yours. Get your crap together at school, right? Now. I'm just surprised that we're still hearing from Paris Hilton. Thank well, she's got. She's got a documentary coming out. So that's why you're that's what you're hearing from her. Burgess Owens. Was running against Ben McAdams for the fourth Congressional district. He's going to be speaking at Ah, the Republican National Convention. This week. I'm not sure which day it is, But the more interesting thing I think about Burgess Is crazy. He was helping raise money for Steve Bannon's Build Wall Project, Really Bannon, along with several others involved in the project. Arrested on Thursday for defrauding donors in the project. Media matters for America reported Friday that Owen's appeared on an online wall a thon last summer. Oh, the Wallace on I've seen clips of that. Yes, it's fascinating. To help raise funds for the we build the wall campaign organizer's raised more than $25 million in a private effort to build the wall on the southern border. No one's appearance was prior to him announcing his candidacy for Congress. But it speaks to the kind of things that are important to Burgess and eggs and the people he is willing to. Associate with he was interviewed by Deanna Lorraine and Edward's Woodson. Lorraine is a former candidate for Congress who embraced the Q and a on conspiracy theory. No one's previously appeared on an obscure Internet program focused on cue and on. Although he didn't discuss the conspiracy, specifically, the fact that he was on that show is Kind of owe you are. He's part of it. You know, he's he's He beat me follows that stuff. Nobody does. I mean, that's that's the modern Republican Party these days is all about conspiracy theories. You know, we're we're liberal media elites that worships Satan and eat babies. Gina, did you know that I haven't seen a baby in at least three months. See, I think that's the Republican Party platform that you know. They say that they're just going with the same one as last time. My first question is, well. Are they gonna leave this stuff about Russia in it, But I thought that the new Republican Party platform was, whereas thie liberal media elites worship Satan any babies that should be in there, whereas we and that's the other thing. You know, they released the platform. Which is no platform. No, The platform is basically ah, whatever, Donald Trump says. Whenever you're hungry, wants Trump he gets that's what that's our thing, You know? Which so that what they release was just a bunch of bullet points. It wasn't even like an in depth. Okay, So so the one bullet point is, we're going to try to, you know, fix Cove it or whatever. Okay, Well, how are you going to do that? You know nothing. Nothing. We're homing in your miracle, and you're going to get a whole lot of Trump. Um at all of the RNC nights. Um, yeah. Tiffany, don Junior. You got Melania? Were they letting Eric talk? I couldn't remember if he I don't think it's a good idea to let Eric talk. Think I saw him on the easy on the left on the list. I just look at his gums whenever he's excess. Can't stop focusing on his guns. I don't know why. And they say that Trump is going to talk every night because if he has a chance to be on TV You will be on TV and you could feel kind of bad for him because he loves the big rallies, and he's just not getting him and For the poor dear, is my heart's broken. Yeah, Here's the thing Is that the place that they're holding their convention? You know, they're calling it a hub eyes is it's a government owned facility, and they're also going to have part of it at the White House, also a government owned facility. And it's not ethical to use a government owned facility to promote a political party. But of course these days, you know ethics well and they're claiming Well, it's to save money. No, it's because you want the back drop of the White House behind you. So there's there's a bunch of social media calls to. Really you're gonna be outside at the White House. Live on TV, huh? The really interesting If a bunch of protesters showed up outside, you know enough to make enough noise, a lot of noise. That would be a fan interest they got no. They got no backup plan in case in case the weather changes. They're still planning on it being out in that. Oh, and after what they did to the Rose Garden. That's another story. They got no contingency plans for the weather. They got no backup. They kept making an issue out of it. The Democratic Convention. Oh, that was pre recorded, and that was this and that It probably would be smart to have a few pre recorded things. If you're if you're going to be outside and don't know how that's going to go Does it matter If something's pre recorded doesn't matter what you're saying? What the message is? I would think. But they were trying to make an issue out. Well, Joe Biden was just reading off a teleprompter and anybody, Khun dude, that Donald Trump seems to have a very difficult He has a difficult time reading off a teleprompter. And when he gets the right off of a teleprompter, he's one long run on sentence. I mean, so You'd better hope that he could read the teleprompter, but he can't. He's terrible at it. A small study found that people who were face masks were thought to be more attractive. I love this is a marketing idea to get people that you know our own mess. You're more a trollop. Carry your Soho Nick. Very handsome John line mask so prominent I like it because I You know, I'm not a big makeup where anyway, So now I just have to do my eyebrows and I'm pretty much set for We're going out projects been dubbed Beauty and the mask conducted by Temple University College of Public Health and the Center for Human Appearance. That's a thing the Center for human appearance at University of Pennsylvania's Perlman School of Medicine. 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