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To an end at Wrigley and a loss to the Reds markets are closed today. Markets in Asia are down all of those stories coming up first, Let's take a look at W G and traffic. This report sponsored by the state of Illinois family gathering summer cookouts vacations. It's time to get back to the things we've missed by getting protected with a covert 19 vaccine. Do your part. Find out more at Corona virus dot Illinois dot gov. We do have several items to report so far this early morning an accident on the Jane Adams Tool way. The westbound area of the Adams is closed from route 59 to Beverly Road because of that accident. Metra and the C T. A operating on holiday schedules. Today, Metro will be selling a $7 Memorial Day passed for use today that special holiday passes on sale at ticket windows and Loop trains regarding the C T A Loop L trains are operating with delays near Adams and Wabash because of track conditions, so allow extra time. And on the west side of the city and the Austin neighborhood. We have an accident with injuries involving police at Chicago Avenue and Cicero Avenue. The Memorial Day weekend was a violent one. So far in terms of shootings around the city. Here's WGN's Lauren Jig. It's 24 people have been shot and two people have died in Chicago this holiday weekend. One of the shootings happened in the South Loop last night just before 7 45. What does this say? It started in the parking lot across from the travel Lodge of Wabash Inherent, said police. A man saw group of people. Breaking his car windows and they.

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