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Nine zero Virginia's democratic Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax is now asking the FBI to investigate sexual assault allegations made against him by two women. Fairfax issued a statement on Saturday strongly denying their accounts saying his encounters with the two in the early two thousands were consensual a number of leading Democrats and the state party, though, are all pushing for Fairfax to resign. The average refund on tax return so far this year. According to the government is down about eight percent from last year refunds averaging about nineteen hundred dollars at the same point last year. It was more than two thousand. It's the first year that the Republican led tax overhaul of twenty seventeen is impacting returns officials say there could be many reasons for the smaller refunds, for example. They say workers may decrease the amount of money that they had withheld it light of those tax cuts. The average American tax payer did receive a refund. About twenty seven hundred dollars last year. And now Eighty-one year old retired. Sportscaster Warner wolf is facing a felony criminal charge after allegedly prying letters off of a sign at the entrance to his Florida neighborhood. Seems wolf took issue with the fact that classics plantation estates featured the word plantation, which he says recalls a time when there was slavery. He says the word is racist. And for USA radio news. I'm Chris Barnes. Here's important new information from the diabetes solution center for you, a family member or a loved one suffering.

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