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They'd put out a sheet of dough and then they have a rolling pin if i remember correctly a rolling pin that's got divet like holes or yeah well it's got like cookie cutters donut shape and they just roll it and they cut all the donuts but then they take out the whole because things could see now you'll shit but no not donuts but that's the thing that rolled from that just rolled into a loop you're even when he was using handcraft doughnut i think that's wrong because if you look at them they're so seemed i think bernie's right about this actually don't hold out that's all point photograph and then they just take this crap i'm throwing back into another sheet of ryan of dough being by machine smushed into a suckle and then it's a dona bullshit here it's step bagels it exists i'm sure to get somewhere to that might be bagels their thinking the world again world gus they take a huge difference you've bagels for that you've got blow for bread and they put it one of those taffy machines name they get like doughy bread shape it into a circle so you'll saying goes goto crispy cream they show you right there doing it's fully transparent everything crispy cream delicious would you watch it good local thank mrs johnson and johnson's s h place they make clocks said we don't sit around talking about products in our real life products in real life remind everyone this the received prod cast is also brought to you by pro flowers we've got a wonderful bouquet of flowers here we're going.

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