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Any advertised product. You must become a member of Penn Fed insured by the way. Aditi opiate 6 40 traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Dave Tilden in the W T o p traffic setting about 21. Hours later, police have just reopened the westbound span of the Bay Bridge. A traffic drag begins at the Kent Island crossover. It's moving westbound police or guiding the front of the line across the westbound span. In a column of twos, the reversible lane remains blocked. Expect that to reopen shortly to lanes are open now westbound on the Bay Bridge. The police response has reached a safe conclusion and resolution. There will be no two way traffic for the rest of the day, given the magnitude of the westbound backup, a backup that stretches back to before the Queenstown outlet mall eastbound, therefore, with no two way traffic, no contra flow on ly two lanes will be open across the Chesapeake AA. Lot of drivers got word of the magnitude of the backups and just threw in the towel. No delays leveled off near the Severn River Bridge eastbound on route 50 South bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Before NASA Goddard had two stopped in blocking the right side room. 301 in Waldorf still closed both ways between Billingsley wrote, and small would drive and that is because of wires that came down earlier this afternoon, South bound Branch Avenue near Morris Road crash was blocking at least one lane. District, Outbound South Capitol Street or Nats Park crash Clear Virginia 95 getting heavy rain and still dealing with heavy traffic in the weather through Stafford County had one crash reported North bound North Of center Port Parkway. Red River. Technology Decisions aren't black and white. Think Red Dave Building, W T O P Traffic Storm team for four day forecast for the weekend from Amelia Draper. Human Friday evening out there with lows tonight, falling into the mid sixties, too low seventies There is the chance for an evening shower or thunderstorm, but most of us will be dry. Some scattered showers and even if you rumbles of thunder are.

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