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Suppose you like Mike rocket I know I've always where do we find that out I go to engine one one five dot com you could hear my interview with Bon Jovi's David Brian and he's dealing with corona and his wife dealing with corona also information on the banjo V. tour information on John and his son who was dealing with the corona virus we got songs that make you want to leave a party because now apparently not only is party planners essential in Lakewood romps in as well because these idiots I had to get outside for acoustic Pink Floyd first of all how good could acoustic Pink Floyd sound in Lansing and well and plus I mean Pink Floyd you know they don't rely on it but they use so much effect in Sinn fin all that and their songs any you try playing time an acoustic and tell me how that goes how would you like to use to the alarm clock version right and now they want to come out at six o'clock in the morning and open with the alarm clocks that would've been pretty cool or trying to hear them play money acoustically I mean come on now in Rome Cynthia all about money you know wish you weren't here but but seriously they're gonna be comfortably numb that's we'll get together and and then you feel like they're Bruce lived in Robson by Jovi Livin romps in these guys to Pink Floyd what do you know I can't even trust you properly and it you know and and some guys who naturally some guy writes a column runs in the newly quit it or drag lately what again I don't even like to get one day to do anything recommended again well they haven't done anything in a day or two we need to get the page views up again earlier are going to corporate liquid into the story the way I got a fear you know bill Belichick could run the giants I pray to god because I mean shut into long sort of that and we got the coronavirus Jersey mixtape the condom shortage could be coming to New Jersey all god forbid now the thing about the kind of shortages that could mean lots and lots of babies we're going to get that anyway well you know that the how the baby boomers you know after World War two everyone just came back and couldn't stop having sex will now they have no choice but to have sex work and get it anyway we're not locked in this process that's no way to escape it might be the exact opposite day and night the first couple of days it is fun by the end of the week there's gonna be a condom surpluses because all the sex is going to stop by the end of the week the watching Eddie into cruises in slow motions yeah we faked his death I was saying I don't know but but so today he has come out the from a place called what the hell is this BabyCenter dot com the top baby names so far in twenty twenty you think they might know a thing or two about babies BabyCenter BabyCenter might have an idea of some of the top baby names so it was no go head I read the little storm hit the the did not get the the U. R. L. to babies dot com I mean BabyCenter yeah that's it baby center dot com so what do you think the the most popular name among border changed already look at this change it had changed a lot from this morning the most popular name for babies Donald twenty twenty male name Donald no Mike no Steve mesti isn't even on the list is not on the first one hundred wolf yeah it's rough time to be a Steve Hurley I hate to be a scary dying breed the just the two faces of Steve try Liam Liam Liam guessing a lot of people must have been doing to to take in a lot of people were taken during taken ahead was worth maybe there's only a it was taken during the cleaning he said it reads a lot of people were taken during taking the Jetta I did explain that okay after so I understood it engages that part of it is you listening that are still scratching your heads taken one taken to taken very limb number one name that's weird that's that's a weird story if and then he put his head into his work and then I give the age of sixty five people buying these this you know jumping trains yeah I know well he was in Schindler's list right it wasn't anything like I never I always you know new Liam Neeson from he was and Star Wars the phantom menace very short lived role there and then you start seeing taken and all these other type of movies like that and the they're not the revenant the other woman when he was in this in the woods in the snow and we just kind of all globally accepted yeah Liam Neeson neck as bad **** there is a wall of a sudden you knowing I have a skill set that can kick your **** skills all right three movies I don't really need to be able to beat the crap out of anybody he's all he's like he's like the Irishman he's eighty five years old and every only thing is I like deniro knees and kneel you believe it when he passes he G. ID's to crack as some yeah all right so number one William number two no number three and I know reading the Bible a lot more now in the we had to do everything Elijah number three Alisa of what's I don't know as Elijah is number three but do you live is number forty five that gets its own I guess I don't know if things first name Elijah it is okay so I don't know how you could that doesn't count strike that one from the record however the before BabyCenter new case number five okay of the women's girl's name's I livia number one good name Emma okay eva okay Isabella media okay so FIA what it is Amelia yeah it is it is it is a promotion here thing until they get the H. Charlotte EIA over year Harper harm the girl Harper Harper Lee in that order I don't know I've never heard of his name off thirty five hundred but I I always thought that was like you know the last name in two and a half men and even though it's a girl's first name the thing now with names names have become so just list what I'm looking for a sexual now the really I mean you could you see it all the time now people are just beyond crazy with names how did you name a moment okay my name is Sam Samuel S. the more import I think they eventually just succumbed to Samuel because of their own identity S. is going to grant anything out a hell of an empire and I want to watch the Samuel in the Bible and its its own unique enough name but my mom wanted to name the Ozzie L. A. R. Z. was her idea I don't remember all of them but I know my parents Mr Mrs Doyle went through a few different name ideas and they end up settling on Sam which is good Ghazi thanks for I wouldn't really don't know I'm not all I did is dead so why the hell did you did you not need name that exam is unique enough I mean you get a couple of Sam's here there's Samuel Samantha it happens but it's not easy you'll be hard pressed to find a real Ozzie out there you can name it like always like Ozzie Smith there Ozzie Kian island with references for them but like you don't have to go ZZ why go ZZ I II you get a little crazy with it I did like a Las he's Y. right yeah I was out how do you get your head I got Lyme is restored I my father was fighting a fire on main street in New York Avenue I'll start a Honda building collapses Aussies and my mother is pregnant with me and they they would take him out of the building and the priest named father Steven Paul got a metal building all the building collapsed on your dad collapsed the only guarantee the building and they were all trying to dig him out and he was the guy who pulled him out was a priest named father Steven Paul wow that's how I got this no other reason Steve that's when he died I came in he my father when he died I came in here and did the show and I talked about it for an hour and the last call I got was a woman who said I'm sitting next to my husband who used to be an altar boy father Steven Paul no kidding well actor wow feels Jeez yes the universe works in mysterious mysterious ways and that's incredible yeah so as I want to do this hour you know I got the baby list here one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five how did you get your name is there a story tell me the story of how you got your name or tell me the thought process that went through for you pick in the name of your children all right hi I got the top and also if you wanna give me a name I'll give you where they came in on the list I've got I got the I got the first two hundred here but it's convenient to go with the first fifty so one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five the the most popular baby names of twenty twenty is out you looking for ideas I'll give you some if you think you're going to need some since you've been hold up with your significant other for the last couple weeks we got him but I I want to hear the story give me the story of how you got your name I'm Steve Jobs Elise is new Jersey won a one point five as traffic parkway in ocean county this report sponsored by unbound dot org on the parkway traveling northbound from where town up in the laci it's an extra five minutes of travel time because of left lane construction just to the north of exit sixty nine and a good ride up to Tom's river up through all township and up into the Driskell bridge southbound route three in Clifton down to the record and tolls that's a straight up thirty minute travel time from the resident told on exit ninety eight via the local and express lanes that's twenty seven minutes and from exit ninety eight down to the Atlantic city expressway fifty seven minutes of travel time on the turnpike northbound truck lanes are closed the entire length at a red light so essential drivers making those deliveries for us here in New Jersey thank you first of all just stay to the left of the split and go north in the car lanes no complaints across the Hudson or Delaware a girl in Kenya James becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out and changed their world it'll change your own unbound dot org traffic every fifteen minutes you're next report at eight thirty three I'm Mike Barker on New Jersey one a one point five New Jersey okay mornings at.

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