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Thank you very much for having me on your program. so again so we have seen is now in the federal custody and you've seen this play out once before and then we have heard that the there are a lot of prominent their clients of of Jeffrey of stained and is Lolita expression an orgy island what can you tell us about the these prominent clients. well first of all I I want to say that you know everything that has it has been reported since November let's say two thousand and eighteen which led to the labor secretary's resignation I haven't been already published years before when I broke the case in two thousand and ten and the daily beast the name of the quote little black book many of the names included in that little black book more published were published in the in the daily beast six part report ties between two thousand and ten and two thousand fifteen for some mysterious reason none of that the media was not interested the media wasn't interested for years during the Obama administration everything that is known to pay that have come to light and included in the current indictments was known then so to me it's it's quite a surprise that did it Hey can this is my question did it take a trumpet ministrations to bring to light the heinous crimes committed by Jeffrey at fifteen and bring to light the heads of state and the politicians that have been associated and implicated in the extreme case for example our healer and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton as we all know accepted a twenty five thousand donation after Jeffrey asking why not only arrested but after he was registered on the left as a level three sex offender so former president Clinton he accepted multiple donations over the years in fact he and one of the things that turns your left court wrote in a letter which has been made public that Jeffrey I've seen was one of the original founders. of the Clinton global initiative I was told by a very reliable source who structured the World Economic Forum that and Steen fact donated four million dollars to start the Clinton global initiative so we know that the governor bill Richardson from New Mexico also has been associated with that sting and many politicians have accepted donations all of this is on the internet it's online so anyone can look it up so the question we should ask ourselves is why did at fifteen. associate himself primarily with politicians and heads of state I think the answer to that is quite evident that they need his money and why did the politicians knowing esteemed reputation Greek to acceptance donations I mean I think that is a really big question that we need to ask ourselves because it goes right down to the. more important question of justice and truth and transparency and Furthermore it does to the question of who in fact is. calling the shots when it comes to prosecuting high profile predatory cases such as the Jeffrey at in case. no that is an excellent question and you look at his first of battery of attorneys Dershowitz Ken Starr Roy black and you mention love court these are all heavy hitters at now is it because of his incredible wealth you think he could afford this or was it was something more at stake here and from what I've read in you in your book and then others this was an international ring that was operating in then you really need to buy off a lot of people to protect yourself is running this kind of Kamal. absolutely well yes as I mentioned in my book trafficking published in two thousand sixteen it was the first book ever published about the interesting case I font ID I researched and I I mean I investigated and I wrote that you know the the lawyers and politicians who surrounded themselves who knows the lawyers who protected at sting wanted one thing and that was clear lawyers want to make money that's their job they want to win the case and they want to make money so that's very clear all and that's why they protected him and and Dershowitz professor Alan Dershowitz who has come out you know recently on on several channels and and networks he has said exactly that that had he been given the case again he would again defend Mr at so and you know his goal is to win the case he's an appellate lawyer he came in after even though he's been a friend of Mr esteem for many many years and I know that he has mentioned that he no longer represents in which is true and he also mentioned that he no longer talks to him so why did these lawyers come forward and give him and and negotiate the kind of deal that they did in that non prosecution agreement well the first thing we must look at is the very Kerr sure the state attorney wanted the state attorney not indict Eckstine and in fact only charged with a misdemeanor when the case came to him because the first line of defense here once the state attorney's office cells for the Palm Beach police investigation the case went straight to market to the state attorney at the time very Kerr sure was a day to turn on our newsletter online is investigative reporter could. she disarmed all football because trafficking we're talking about the upstream case of Katrina in in your opinion and and you've been following this story is there any doubt that you believe this entire thing was rigged. I am so there is no doubt in my mind that the investigation not from the get go meaning not beginning with the Palm Beach police investigation I think that was an absolutely transparent thorough investigation in fact when I I've spoken to Michael Ritter throughout the years and I he is an outstanding honorable man and I can say that that investigation was or where it went south once when it reached the state attorney's office and the question we must ask ourselves and this is for the future of the victims of human trafficking why did the state attorney's office. basically order or charged with a misdemeanor that is truly the question we need to ask ourselves why would he do that what was it in it for him I mean I'm assuming there were no payments exchanged why their personal favors were injured potential job opportunities where the potential investment opportunities for the state attorney I cannot answer that because I do not have the answer however there must have been something that the state attorney given the charges given the number of victims in the charging documents agreed to charge him only with a misdemeanor and it wasn't until the chief of police the former chief of police reader. realize that that was an absolute absolute outrage that he took it to the feds nowhere in began the federal investigation were Acosta had to leave a lot were across the lead that investigation and of course what is it ring there are well to answer that question I believe the negotiations work how awful I believe that a cost as he wrote to me in a letter published in two thousand eleven in the daily beast Acosta was very clear and he said in that letter and I quote we meaning the prosecution were also told to assaulted by the defense those are very unusual words coming from a prosecutor when he resigned and he held a press conference he said the same thing he pointed fingers at this stage turning and very cursor so what we need to investigate now is why cool at the top of the food chain cool made sure that accosted investigation ended up as a non prosecution agreement and to why did the state attorney not prosecute at fifteen could you the a good morning this is Frank liver join in the conversation I know we don't have a whole lot of time left here so I first of all let's name some names here who allegedly a company job for yep steam to the the orgy island let's name some names yes well according to the pilot log because of course I never went to the island to his United States Virgin Islands little thing James self because I was not there I can't identify but according to pilot logs and court files that I have read certainly former president Bill Clinton was there many other you know are actors Kevin Spacey was there as well I understand that former prime minister Ehud Barak all. so visited the island there are there is now an open investigation I understand by the Israeli prime minister into the former prime ministers relationship with Jeffrey asking all prince Andrew as well and that was another another high profile personalities who not only frequented asking but according to one victim Virginia Louise Roberts she claims that she was a little or least let's say for fifteen thousand dollars to prince Andrew and that according to this victim she she's service and sexually of time so he was also on the island and there were many others on the island I know Larry summer it was also on the highland log he was the former president of Harvard University and and well and and the rest were you know just a lot of actors and a lot of celebrities and businessmen and but those are basically governor bill Richardson was also on the on the pilot log as well and and many others very good thanks for spending some time with you this morning could she was thrown off dot com the book is trafficking and I'm sure we'll be talking again their futures case is far from over thanks which you to thank you so much for having me on your it is our pleasure to Perry hall heating and air conditioning has so many reasons to.

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