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Of our for day to increase understanding and acceptance of people walking for autism speaks raises funds for research and programs that make a lifetime of difference keep talking the radio has brought us closer together with Bradley J. ma'am at this needs to be listened to WBZ newsradio ten thirties fees a grab bag we try to do that about once a week and it's usually the cause a short so they don't call they don't really count against you you can still call earlier than we can still play the game this people are gonna want to play the game if it's going to burn down their call for the week so we talk now to a game inventor and self doubt can air the diversion you do the music and movie version of grab bag was gonna right good I'm gonna grab bag why do you go to north station you're on a train go on a search for a drying it off the air yeah get off the train yeah walk across main street literally just walk right across main street cut through the parking lot that is the beginning of the rail trail that goes all the way to Hampshire walk yes sure right in Hampshire we bring I I'm not sure my brother probably knows but it cuts through the back back of your hair Groton it's a real nice we we went up a little ways I never went that far it's all this is no like shady stuff rates all you know in the country you could see like holes and facts of your neighborhood yes it's a real nice it's a nice walk you can see how they want to because he has like tough post backyard like way off in the distance but there's a lot of what's in there you may also dial it down to my navel will take a walk Hey you know I have a friend I know somebody really cool it's working the move in their neighborhood I don't want to save some time I'll let you know okay yeah somebody that I love somebody in the media is actually moving to your name your town all right I know yeah I'd love to and one more thing blast well I said I never got to do my pole I would have voted barrels you're doing all that delight stairway to heaven or three one better yeah and I would both agree upon I think anybody from this area would yeah this look loyalty yeah are my star documentary once where I think he wrote that song where she'd trial wrote that song when he was looking out over rob what was the name of that I think lake Sunapee is worried she had a lot of time out and my brother says where's that is explained this is all over my head some of our guitarist and everything is where is it that leads up what did stand still that song I don't know all that but I I believe up well try to get it gives and gives credibility but yeah you know what I have is that there is a story I think it's true hi I used to work go to school at a the schools are operating in technicians there only six people in the class but it was at the hospital where they had about eighty nurses and they're all yup all girls is left her boyfriend's back home alone I was the only guy it was it was worth it so we should do stuff all the time a whole bunch of girls and one of them.

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