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This is a movie with Romney Malik and this amazing cast that that that recreate this time and that band and to kind of let one person's misbehavior, deep, six hard hard hard work on the part of so many people hundreds in this case, hundreds of people. I mean hunt a huge effort in terms of the cast and the crew bass, what you focus on. Like that's what that's what the movie becomes sure. It's not a Bryan singer movie in its Remmy Malik movie. Everybody's movies. It's ended and it's and I will say one of the well, one of the things I really loved about it is that it's not even it's not even Freddie Mercury movie. It's a quaint, it's about the band. You know, it's just it's such a great testament to just, you know the team work and it was that was really neat. So. That's kind of a takeaway I brought home with. It was just, you know, his name comes up and it's a little jarring and then you move on, you watch the movie, you let the movie the movie wants to be. Yeah, and I think everybody has to make their own decisions about, okay, I, you know, I still listen to usual suspects. Come up a love that movie. I have a tough time with the now. I do. You know, there's certain things that will come up and I'll just be like, I, you know, I don't know if I can do that right now, but, but that's I can't sit here and tell everyone listening, hey, you gotta do this, you got it. Everybody's got to make those locating our fandom and is I was listening. They had another, you know, Molly ringwald wrote a beautiful piece for the New Yorker about John Hughes and about her ambivalence about him. Showing those movies to her daughter and realizing how sexist most of them were. You know, I mean, there was stuff going on in those movies about the way that young men retreating young women that we all just for granted at the time and you look at it in the context of today and think that's not a message I want to send my. Son or my daughter about what's acceptable, and but she still loves the movies. I mean it they made her career and she had a great time making them and she loved the people she made them with. And so it's kind of like, you know, she was giving voice to that feeling of like, you know, I love it, but that's, that's. That's something that I can't love 'em. It's complicated. Just got to be honest and work through it and be able to hold two thoughts in your head at the same time. It is, like we said before, these are complicated times, and the thing that's frustrating is as I said, go to the movies for your scape and then the movies become sort of the source of your complications. But but it was, I just wanted to bring those because I thought they were interesting a trailer that I saw an ano. It's always tough to judge movie by its trailer, and I've fall the, that's why I don't watch them. 'cause I don't wanna get my hopes up and then have them dashed. I saw trailer for movie that's coming out..

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