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That involve murder and it's also But then stay level crimes each state decides whether or not to have a death penalty and some have and some don't so we didn't states their decision to go after. The death penalty varies widely from no death penalty. Ever to texas where they pride themselves on. How many people they actually do at the federal level generally very quiet and there's not a lot of people who get federal death sentences and they're not If the executed. We haven't seen an execution in its eric but sudden plan the past few months president trump even now that he's leaving office as spearheaded a rash of federal executions several months. Which is something that hasn't been seen in this country in in the past thirty years not at that rate. There's someone executed stay. There's going to be someone x. Tomorrow out it's just execution after execution after shin and within communities of people who are very affected by death penalty and the criminal justice system advocating against it's like living in the twilight zone but people are rallying now because for a long time as support for the death penalty peters out and the death penalty is struck from the books in many states. It can be hard to get people interested in balked and anti-death-penalty advocacy is. There's not a sense of immediacy but now that so. Many people are being killed in our names. You're seeing these these huge influx of interest in issue and advocates who are having major conferences. And get togethers around. What what can we do to stop exhibition. The one of those is going on this week. And terry robinson and i will speak on saturday if you haven't met terry. He's our guest from the previous volume. You can find the back. Catalogue at psychology of entrepreneurship dot com. So tessie what needs to change. How does change even happen. The political change happens when activists try really hard to petition for it so there were years and years and years of activists who were pressure for them to install phone steeple in the prison. Were pressuring the prison to install fall and finally they did Prisons are governed by a warden and the wardens turnover pretty quickly. I've only ever seen award in last two years couple years usually and each one can have a different policy. They can change everything. So you'll see a warden who will open up the prison in let volunteers like me. Come in and give classes and then the very next board will take all the classes away which is exactly what happened as they've gone through at least three wardens since the one that i knew and they've had the classes and they've had the way and then the newer brought in the phones. Let's just out in volume sixty two. We wind deep into the topic of perspective. Everything changes with a change of perspective and a guest. that evening was name is lean more death-row. I've been in prison for a over twenty seven and a half years. I've been on death. Row since nineteen ninety seven november twenty first being exact I'm co author of the book crimson. Metal voices from death-row with jesse steel and Three and they we all. We wrote the book of couple of years ago when you know finally got published. I'm also a mc with with music releasing liable awesome projects. I'm working all is well. I wanted you to hear a voice. Because i asked tessie with a. She remembered meeting him for the first time. Arlene had been in that first class. And i remember him probably more than anyone. He's very big. He has he's one of those people who just has a presence as soon as he walks into the room. He has kind of a booming voice. But i would consider a good radio voice. And everybody always bell They defer to him in many ways. He was clearly a leader in the group and and people listened to his opinion and may respective. I really was drawn to him for that reason. And he's also a free writer so after my classes canceled i wrote to him and i said that i wanted to continue to stay in touch that. I was really impressed with his writing. And i wanted to help them work on it. And maybe i'll get a wish someday when we come back you get to meet some questions that we've all had since we started listening to this while you you know the one that annoys you more than anything bad question. Well more on that after the messages out with this audio documentary has always been to build a strong community of entrepreneurs and creatives to provide a space where they can use voice shed their authenticity with the world as a valued. Listen on your voice matters to. We love to hear your feedback and ideas. That i'd be shots. Let us know how doing in the ratings and comments if you have a message for production team on know someone who would be a perfect bit as guess you can find out more information on how to share your input at psychology of entrepreneurship dot com. Hey welcome back. So tessie what i want to know is how safe is it for someone like you to be constantly exposed to people on death row like who are these people like you know. What are they like. What have they done people on death row in north carolina all been convicted of murder. And you there are many many people every year and only a few of them actually go to death row before getting involved in this kind of work. I thought that the people who go to death row who are people who have received death sentences. they're going to be executed by the state. I thought that they were the worst of the worst that they had committed the most horrific of the murders but one thing that i found that really shocked me that that's not true at that it's actually fairly arbitrary. Who goes to death row in. Who doesn't so you do receive an execution date at the time that you're sentenced however You're up you're able to appeal the conviction an appeal take decades ten years twenty years. Elaine has been on death row. Twenty seven years is still appealing his in birch so until those appeals end it can't schedule on execution. There are two things that are very very important. And i wanna cover them one at a time. The first thing is about things going wrong well most specifically it's about the times win executions. Don't go according to plan can get pretty ugly. Oftentimes the dejection darlie work. Because there's nothing that's there's no cocktail of drugs that is made specifically to kill. Someone is no company that will make that drug. So what states do is they create their own. Cocktails base sur different drugs and often there's litigation over that so currently in north carolina they haven't executed anyone or over a decade because his litigation in the courts over that cocktail the companies that make the different ingredients are fighting. They don't like for their medicine be used to kill people though it's always really messy howell. The drugs are used. What drugs are used so often goes wrong. And so you'll see something not working in. You see people gasping in.

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