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Could see it. It's different, right? Because Angelina, Lady Gaga is, of course, a beautiful and striking woman, but there is something I think about her look that indicates something like that that tension that you're describing between Jeremy Irons is kind of point of view of her individually is so statuesque and so this is sort of like image of perfection that would have I think it might have altered my perception of the story that they were telling here. And Talia Gaga's credit in this movie, she like her physical presentation and the clothes kind of disintegrate along with her her characters stature. And so by the time, I mean, are we not spoiling this movie? I don't think we should spoil it too much. Okay. Did you really not know? Never read anything about this in my life. Okay. Fascinating. I mean, there's been a lot of journalism about this. Anyway, the final scenes when Lady Gaga is reaches her character arc. She does not look glamorous anymore. We'll put it that way. And intentionally so. And it's kind of hard to unglamorous Angelina, Jolie. As we just saw in eternals. There's one other what if, in 2016, Wonka Y was going to direct this movie with Margot Robbie as Patricia. Now, I don't remember hearing that, me neither. But that would have been. This is also like one car Y had like an Amazon show like that was supposed to be a New York City gang gangs show. I don't know where Wong is up to, but make movies. Are you calling bullshit on this? No, I'm just like, he definitely went through from 2000 14 till even now where it's just like, where's the movie? Come on, let's do it. It's a good point. You know, great art takes a long time to cook unless you're Ridley Scott and you have to make two movies in the same year. Let's talk about, let's talk about Ridley. I may have told this story before and on the show and I apologize if I have it. I'm just going to tell it again. In 2010, CR and I went to the movies together. We went to go see a movie called Robin Hood. At the time I was living in park slope and I was living on the ground floor of a brownstone. Amanda you've been to that apartment in the past. And in the basement of that apartment, which often flooded and was filled with CD jewel cases Chris Ryan and I recorded a podcast about Ridley Scott. We did not work together at the time. This was pre grantland. It was just for fun. Just two Bros talking Ridley. Shano trap house that we called it. And that pod has been destroyed and will never see the light of day. Are we sure? We're not totally sure. Here's the thing. No matter what. I'm certain that Christmas magnificent because Chris had to touch from moment one. And.

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