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It to Joshua. We did film study on Joseph park versus Andy Ruis, you catch that on our patriot page? Patriot dot com for it's last box, invoice and. Ruis let his hands go. But if we're going to believe him if we're gonna give him the benefit of the doubt what he said. Mike is that you know he trained himself for that fight. So we have to believe that he did. And we have to -ssume that this is going to be a better version of him. Do you believe a better version of him exists? I mean with all for built on, I hope that we see the best possible version of and the everybody's in a from what I into today at the press he looks to be known. Looks like he's in good shape note saying that not not like a bodybuilder, but he looks he looks in these shape of from what I've seen with clothes on. I mean if he was trying to himself for the Demetrio fight. I mean, not for each other Parker flies. He says he's Sanchez was busy. You know, I mean one thing that we that we did see in the parking fight, you don't cut off the ring. So maybe if he was in the proper training, then that would have been the first thing that they would have did. So I can't see I can see that, that, that narrative. But but he has to come in tomorrow. And really, really pushed the pace in that not be. So you wasn't timid against Parker. He just wanna let the angle because he was always in Parker's face. He just wins his hands. Go. Yeah. Now man, listen you know, speaking land his hands go the wreak. He's almost Josh almost has ten inches, ten inches on his damn near like. Ten inches in her each almost and almost ten inches in high even though I'm exaggerate he's got about four inches high, but watching the face off, it was like, whoa. That was a huge difference. I mean Andy Ruis is looking all the way up at him. Absolutely. If you then. You know, the Parker was shorter than.

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