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The root issues and the shortages as well. Coming up at seven o'clock tonight, We'll be watching that for you. Right now. It's 103 were watching the roads will Kevin Brennan is and then he just tells us we're all the bad things are the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, But you bring good news sometimes, too. Yeah. I think most of us are in pretty good shape out. There are not so much if you're heading on the Mass Pike westbound. You've got about a two mile backup here approaching the remnants of earlier car fire Now being put on a tow truck here. They're in the right lane just after that supermarket overpass. If you're coming up on the scene, you're going to want to stay to the left to get Around that. So watch out for delays. Their upper end of 1 28 Colbun, top of the brakes, getting by work crews after Salem Street in Lindfield and then slowdowns approaching the left lane closure here at Route 20 in Waltham. They're in the process of clearing a crash there as well over a Northborough portion of South Street room. 1 35 remains closed for police investigation between Longfellow Road. And North Gate Road. Detours are set up and expect delays in that area and over in Sherborne roadwork has a portion of Washington ST which is route 16 shut down both ways between Russ and Hill Road and saw one street Now the expressway southbound, starting to get a little busy now from just about South Bay down through Savin Hill. Then you're back up to speed and looking very good down to the brain trees split. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, Kevin. Thank you so much. So we do have some clouds out there. It feels sticky because it is. We have a high dew point. And then tonight below will be 70. So it's going to be awfully humid will be running the A C. And then here.

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