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And Delaware had the biggest increases giving on CBS news thanks for the talk of the day that story in five tries twelve twenty five traffic and weather together ten minutes on the financials used well to start off in going into corona from Anaheim hills and this is the on the in ninety one east to Green River Road and they're just getting to tow trucks actually there should be coming up on the scene now and this was for three vehicle crash sees P. may be running a traffic break right now as a matter of fact because that's the slowing patter AC they're just before Green River so just give me a few minutes to get the tow trucks in place and try to get everything off of the freeway there and hopefully they can get off the Green River if not they'll have to continue on the service club drive to get everything off of there so just be aware of that and also seeing some slowing this is on the fifteen north and south down just above the ninety one they have alternating lanes on the northbound side this is actually working from on Terrio Avenue or dos Lagos all the way up to the sixty and then at Lima night so there's a certain so section there on the fifteen south all lanes are shut down before limelight only a center divider lane is open for to get by and then on the fifteen north the left lane is closed before Lima nine until five AM so that's why it's a little bit slow on the line but I bridge area I wouldn't to try to get around it just stick with it and I know it's a hassle but that's what they're doing then in a west LA in the four five north before national there's a crash reported there a crash working there and this is has you backed up to Venice Boulevard looks like they've the they've started to clear everything over to the right shoulder was in the center divider area next reports coming up at twelve thirty five I'm least hours more traffic reports were often can extend seventy newsradio fifty five degrees a and the like for us to twelve twenty seven and is now a page from the diary of flow dear diary I got.

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