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To chapel Weidner W. G. M. J. it's stupid it's tragic was it criminal here is the story last June so June of last year June ninth there's these five high school kids they're all I think at the time the role seventy so they're out and they're at their bowling there at the the sunset boulder something in Waukesha well after after bowling it's around midnight the kids decide that they don't want to go home they just have their kids they just decide they they want to kind of go drive around so the five of them are in a van the van is driven by a guy named Dan Lazaro it's his mom's face so he's driving he's got its four friends in the van they decide they don't want to go home so what they do is they go over to my new car park in Waukesha and I don't know if they did this in a parking lot or wherever but they're driving they're driving a new car park and so a couple of the kids and apparently they have done this before a couple of the kids decide that it would be fun to get out of the car open the sliding door of the van and then try to ride on the vans exterior so you know they're kind of like hang in on outside the van is the van is is driving the guy who's driving it again he's one of the five he's going the estimates twenty twenty five miles an hour well a couple of the bodies are hanging on outside of the VA well all right predictably what happens is he the driver you know turn starts to make a turn I I don't know how hard he swerves this but you know it is driving back and forth the kids are hanging on he makes a turn he swerved and one of the guys that's hanging on to the van his name is Omar Cavaleiro he seventeen years old he gets flipped he loses his grip on the van gets thrown from the van and dice we did just a horrible horrible sort of story tossed from the van twenty twenty five miles an hour presumably he you know fracture he fractured his skull leave him unconscious as soon as this happened they they stopped the van they tried to render aid they run over to the kid and he's found lying it'll need to be graphic but found lying in a pool of blood they immediately loaded in the van they take him to the hospital at first they claimed that he was injured falling from a bike well that turns out to not be true so that they lied about you know how it was initially injured but you know ultimately he dies as a result of his injuries this happened on June ninth the Waukesha district attorneys are office has just made a decision to bring criminal charges against the driver seventeen at the time now he's eighteen he's been charged with essentially homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle if convicted he's looking at ten years in prison he's going to be making a court appearance later this month the DA's office apparently looked at this for about nine months deciding whether or not to charge the driver and the other witnesses aside from at least initially lying about how the the kid was hurt you know they they essentially said look you know we we have done this before this wasn't the first time we did it and the driver the guy who's now been charged told detectives that Hey we're all just friends we were just trying to be boys that's the quote we were just trying to be boys our number eight five five six one six one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line all right I will tell you where I come down on this in a moment but this is one where I'm curious about your reaction you've got you know they're all seventeen their buddies they've been out together and they're doing something that they have apparently done on multiple occasions before they're driving through this park a couple of them were hanging on the exterior of the van in this case one of the kids falls off fractured his skull and ends up dying all right should the driver the seventeen year old be charged with a crime or is this one where it is unfortunate it is tragic but essentially they all knew what they were signing up for and criminal charges don't accomplish anything that would be my question should should they have been charged this happened about nine months ago so obviously the DA's office considered it they have now decided to bring charges against the driver is that the right decision eight five five six one six one six twenty that second mortgage talking text line I'll tell you right come down this in a moment but I'm genuinely curious is this it's just boys being boys they all kind of assumed the risk it is tragic it is unfortunate is not criminal or you were driving the car you're the one that made the swerve your the one that caused your friend the falloff you are responsible somebody's dead eight five five six one six one six twenty eight second mortgage talking text line if you're on the hotline please hold on we discuss in just a moment right after this correct answer here for holiday automotive in fondle lack with a March mania sale is underway score slammed on savings and get.

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