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For their money. Number three invest in our fellow Oklahomans In his state of the state address yesterday, State said he wants to support the oil and gas industry, fight for farmers and ranchers in act business friendly policies and protect the rights of unborn Children. State House Democratic leader Emily Virgin says the state of the state address yesterday was the most divisive she's ever heard. Instead of focusing on our state's pandemic response, and at times ignoring are surging, covert case numbers and hospitalizations. Havenhurst, it has seemed to be distracted by national politics. Virgin says governor state delivered more of a campaign speech than a United message that was needed Bill introduced by Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole would increase funding for childhood disease research Margo Murano reports His bill would redirect penalties paid by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device companies that violate a federal law that prohibits them from paying bribes to foreign governments. The kid's first pediatric research program Goals says it would be a new large source of funding for the program that would have no and date congressional Republicans discussing covert relief with President Biden at the White House yesterday. Here's Griff Jenkins. They brave the snowstorm and went looking for that magic thing. Common ground, But after two hours, it wasn't to be found. But the 10 jumpy senators President Biden vice present, Harris aren't giving up. But Stark differences remain starting with the price tag. Republicans offering $618 billion package to President Biden's 1.9 trillion, and it comes after the government has already spent more than six trillion uncovered relief including 900 billion past just in December. It still has not been spent in. Republicans are worrying that the new Democrat plan is loaded with items that have nothing to do with covered relief. You have the minimum wage being raised to $15. There's a set aside for three and 50 billion for state and local governments, and it offers Larger Obama care premium tax credits. Police say a man shot over the weekend was killed by his brother. Police responded to a shooting early Saturday in an apartment in the 5700 block of northwest 16th. That's where they found 23 year old Dale in Jefferson, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Police say his brother 20 year old DiMaria Jefferson is responsible Sand Springs police identify the suspect and victims in a murder suicide that left four people dead. I've already say 31 year old Philip Ross fatally stabbed 41 year old and a station Lynn Smith, their four year old daughter and their two year old daughter before stabbing himself to death. The bodies were discovered by the Children's grandmother on Saturday. The murder suicide is under.

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