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Was i never looked up was a motorcycle for some reason. So i'm like to harley's everyone. I know that has a harley. It's pretty high in these guy to be nineteen twenty thousand dollars all these game shows he's like rosie perez over here try to save money because he's starting to lead. Yeah what's quinn. Thank you put. The letter key literally would come to rose race. I did toasters yesterday. If you wanna g toasters fifty nine ninety nine oh yeah if you get into man and that's thirty nine ninety nine out special you might be like thirty one. The guy who got up before me man had washer dryer and couldn't get the price rates. Because i got i know this he would have won both at that point he was a dollar. Here's here's what happened to be serious. I got out there. And i made people laugh right off the bat and then after that worst thing that ever i didn't care about here to entertain in you know what's the what's that got to laugh. Hey the knick younger pricing on entertain tj. Nick young shot. That three turned around the game. I was at the game. They beat the fifty or is fifty points in that quarter. Nick young jif. I live my life like nick young. Jeff everything goes invading. Anything goes in tj on on the prices right renee. Montgomery somebody who lives a twenty seven hour day. The rest of us stuck in twenty four. She takes three hours longer. Just live her life. Which crosses it's amazing et joining us next. Ben lyons in for rich on the rich eisen show all right so just getting back to the movies. Real quick this up on twitter. One vote Which nineteen eighty nine movie. Have you seen bill. And ted fill the dreams both or neither luther. Neither so what movie would be a good emotional connection point for baseball fans to create a game around to get them. Excited field of dreams make sense the cornfield in iowa's historic iconic location. People were saying the sandlot needs to do next. But like how do you pull out off by you. Get a big dog. Putting their neighbor they hit the ball into a certain spot. You gotta fight. The dog by the saint bernard to get the ball or else the guy's going to score got in a fight. Aaron judge or the dog. Toss up right good last night and judge with good. He hasn't he hasn't a good as good But i love. I love the The the whole thing last night in the corn thought. It was so cool. And i don't care that the movies old it doesn't matter yeah was old doesn't mean it's bad it's thirty years. What a great way to introduce the film younger audience. That might not have seen it before. Maybe the dad mom. What's this corn game about this movie. He sit him down. You're watching do you think though an eight year old understands us going on a field of dreams like it's a really heavy movies out baseball. Show on the sci fi channel because they time travel. Yeah weird stuff happens. And there's some there's some heavy themes that come up in that movie which is why it's important to share with the next generation and makes you think about the relationship with your parents and your own place in the universe. Some heavy stuff. Eight-year-old starts to realize the world's bigger than themselves eight-year-old starts to realize that there was a pass that existed before them the perfect time to sit down and watch a movie like that. The an eight year old would enjoy space for more than thirty seconds. Bring their nintendo with them. Bring xbox this young guy my nephew's eight. He's into the switch. That's the nintendo switch. Bring that to with that means but it's still have to blow on the cartridges. Bang the techmo bowl to make it work if.

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