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Keith Knox it up. The slot. Anderson. Coughed it up here. Come the hawks two on one by over the flame line white suckle camp suits, save is made by the frigate behind the net. The came bottom of the right circle. Turns and fires Hannah Fave me by Riddick with the pad. David Riddick improves to fifteen four three on the year. He came in definitely the better the two goaltenders over the veteran, Mike Smith, and he has become reliable up till this point for Bill. Peter squad time now for a goalie matchup as Riddick stops. Thirty two of the thirty five shots he faced Colin Delia again faces forty plus shots forty two in particular this game. He's making the save on thirty nine of those falls to three one and one of the year. I three star selection is sponsored by Bud Light rays one for hockey, the number three star of the game was Sean Monahan the number two star. With another multi point nine going assist. Patrick kane. But the number one star of the contest Johnny good row with the two goals in the four three flames victory going over. There was numbers again for Calgary's top line against the hawks this season good drew two goals in six points. Monaghan four goals in six points and Elias Lindholm a goal, six assists and seven points. That's a whole lot of production against the hawks this season. Finally, a look at the Blackhawks top minor league team with the Rockford files. Sponsored by xfinity xfinity delivers the fastest internet with the best in home wifi experience. Call flicker visit and xfinity store today. And after their six two victory over Iowa on Sunday, the ice hawks are often till Friday when they have back to back games down in Texas time for our final break when we come back. We'll take it through the rest of the NHL scoreboard tonight and look ahead to Wednesday night's contest against another central division. Foe. That's on the way after this four three Blackhawks lost to the Calgary. Flames or wrap up the post game show next on seven twenty WGN in hockey the.

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