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The Lakers, I often for Anthony Davis. Kelly offered Lonzo ball calc who's MMA regime, Rondo and wait for Michael Beasley in first round pick. So you think the Brian James sees this tweet? I'm be in reacts hairs how I know he sees the Woche tweet. And that's what I meant by wrapping a bonus. Lebron James is savvy enough to know at this point. Of his career after Dillon with an injury that cost them the mid seventeenth straight games. The most of these done at this point of his career now that has to expedite the time line and one series of events become public about Anthony Davis. I mentioned the day gave the Lakers, basically, a ten day window to get a deal done and so forth. The bronze like wait a minute. I just came back from groin injury. We're not gonna be favorite against the warriors. If I player, not just did forty minutes. I'm clearly not a hundred percent at this point. Why go out there and risk it when I want to fall back and allow the young players to continue to foster their value. Now, here's what I wanna cost as knowledged all of a sudden. Now, he's watching the Super Bowl. What does he want? News. He was breaking new MBA inside. He wants his team to moan. It is obvious. If I'm New Orleans, and I'm on the phone with the Lakers. And I hear the names Stevenson Rondo easily in the deal. I'm not y'all not serious voicemail. Three one o two one three three two three. I make. I offer could this just be like the opening salvo of negotiation. Do they know they won't accept but just to get the conversation moving. They don't have time to get a conversation moving because of all of the things I said now how about this though. The Lakers offer whether it's in February or in June angle be much different. Okay. So if you're the pelicans, you don't have to rush and also I want to do a caution the Los Angeles Lakers allow Julius Randle won't to walk this off season. He now is on the pelicans roster. So if you trae for another four or five Lakers, you almost got Los Angeles in New Orleans from last season. Do you really want that? That's what's gonna make this fascinating to see if it's eight minutes. Wish willing rumors in the NBA. We have to mention Kyrie Irving who we said earlier had some very interesting things to say in very noncommittal about his future in Boston when he was in Madison Square Garden during shoot around and they played the thunder Rehana rate game. He ended up with a great stat line made a big defensive stop at the end on Russell Westbrook to solidify the game of the Celtics and the someone's playing great. They've now won four straight games. But it is his non commitment to Boston and his relationship with LeBron James who he called previously the season and open up to that has really dominated the headlines about hiree in the Bronx was asked about that game. And here's that call. And here's what LeBron had to say quote. Yeah, we're in a good place right now me and career in a good place right now. I love the man that he's becoming. I love the challenges. He's accepted. And I always wish the best for him. Now. Jalen, even as the media guy. I can't go so far as to say that this means that they will play together again. But what do you think this does mean for Cadran LeBron kyri cannot look at anyone in Cleveland and LeBron James and acknowledged that he does not want to play with him. And he got rewarded by the team? 'cause they traded him to a better team the hat terrific young talent that made it to the conference finals without him. So turn keep that, basically he got the best deal. And then he as one of the best coaches and Brad Stevens and a pleasure a young talent. And plus also they possibly get multiple first round picks..

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