President Trump, BBC, Baghdad discussed on Global News Podcast - Hurricane Irma Leaves Most of Florida Without Power


The president of iraqi kurdistan masud buttiglioni has been speaking to the bbc ahead of the vote he says the poll will draw all the borders of a future kurdish state even if baghdad doesn't recognize the vote more shorter lose a wollebek going that learning selfdetermination is a wellknown international rights and law we ask country saying we should delay if they had an alternative for us kim they haven't suggested anything yet the lewis said we will go ahead when have we ever had stability and security that we should be concerned about losing it when was iraq say united that we should be worried about breaking its unity those who are saying this just looking for excuses to stop us rosie egbahl has been speaking to the former us ambassador peter galbraith who is also an expert on kurdish abaz she began by asking him to assess whether wears a watershed moment for the codes of iraq the kurds have dreamed of having their own country for a century they thought they had been promised it at the peace agreement at the end of the world war one and then they felt cheated and so for i think all iraqi kurds said this is a historic moment once the people vote independence becomes inevitable and i think that this great excitement and kurdistan about it at for people who have endured repression genocide the chaos of modern iraq this is a moment that many never thought would happen at and yet now see at hand you sound pretty confident that this is what's going to happen they're all many obstacles along the way the first one that is the most obvious one that's emerged is iraq's objection to the referendum being held a tool is being unconstitutional what's your reaction to that.

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