ABC, President Trump, Apple discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


In Chicago a day after a shooting at a hospital left four dead. ABC's Alex Perez is there and says it started when the gunman shot and killed an ER doctor at mercy hospital Chicago police officers Samuel Jimenez, who rushed to the scene after hearing it on the police scanner killed in the lobby. Twenty-five-year-old pharmacy tech. Dana less was just emerging from the elevator. When the gunman fires at her killing her another officer responding to the scene also shot by the gunmen but saved after the bullet struck the officer's holster and lodged in his weapon. The shooter is dead. President Trump's push to stop giving asylum to people crossing the border illegally is on hold. Trump's November ninth proclamation automatically denying asylum requests for people who come into the country illegally has hit a temporary restraining order US district. Judge John tiger writing the president may not rewrite the immigration laws. ABC's Jim Ryan stock futures pointing lower. This morning after the Dow closed down nearly four hundred points, here's ABC's. Daria Albinger, worries about apple and other tech. Stocks pushed the market's down to start the week own is not going gangbusters. And and that affects not just apple the stock but apple the supply chain and taking out a lotta the semiconductors and parts makers. So the iphone market strategist Art, Hogan, says another well-known tech stock Facebook, which is dealing with data security issues also contributed to the drop a spokesperson for top. Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump is responding to a Washington Post report achieved personal Email for government work ABC's. Cecilia vega. Says her team says she did not create a private server in her house or office. There was never classified information. Transmitted the account was never transferred or housed at Trump organization. No emails were ever deleted. You're listening to ABC news..

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