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Bitcoin author for trading view. That's the truth is the truth for the last three weeks. At least yes and how the heck does something like that happen heisenberg you know i think it's mainly because of my analysis. I try to be myself when i explained the charts and i think a lot of people appreciate that there. I'm not trying to blow smoke up. Anybody's you know i'm just trying to explain how i feel about certain things i see on the chart and and you know and people could see me progressing growing and i've noticed my following whenever i became top author might followers went from less than a hundred to a thousand and twenty overnight yes and it was just amazing to see the response you know and tim and i know this about you know you have have felt undeserving of that attention but you recognize that that that stager now on and people have really been attracted to this journey including myself. Obviously we're friends but i've also watch this from audience member not as just your friend is someone who's who's been very fond and very proud of your progression but also learning myself. You know there's a lot of things that i've learned through either you that i was able to reaffirm that i didn't know to using that way or if i if i just simply didn't know something at all right and i think that you brought attention to this in a way that has not been done before that also you know that there's a reason why you didn't want bitcoin author trading view and i think it's because of your interaction interaction and how much time you spend with the comments in the comments commenting people but also you're right and <hes> you know i spent a lot of time with my <hes> followers on trading as well when they comment on my charts. I'm always willing to converse with them and i think they appreciate that as well. Everybody's you could tell well i mean <hes> people are starting to post their charts on my comment section to get attention so you know it's it's flattering but at the same time i know i still have a lot to learn so i wanna take this one step at a time. I don't want anybody to think that when i posted chart that you know this is from a very experienced trader and you know get messages all the time that as the you know ask for my help asked for my assistance and stuff and i'm just not ready for that you know <hes> i'm take this one step at a time and you know start start from the bottom and go up absolutely and that's your responsibility right just like your mind or anybody else's to admit when you don't know something and to make sure that people recognize tim that that you're doing this as a learning experiment as much as anything else. It may not be experiment to you but but you are you're aware of this is an experiment that is happening for your followers and this is another point. I wanna make sure that the audience is listening in really pays attention to is this is that you know no matter if he's great he's bad at ta no matter if he's not progressing at the same rate as he was a month ago or slows down and where he gets to it's the interaction and the ability to watch and learn and be aware that these are the simple mistakes these mistakes that are common. These are mistakes that are hard to identify. You're all those conversations are happening. Underneath those charts that you're posting you know not every partner not every chart blows up the same way not every chart gets as much attention as the other one before but but it's that that sequence of events that leads to that pop or that sequence of events that leads to that drop right and that's when you can kind of go back and say hey tim has been talking about the potential of this happening happening or he missed this one bad because of this reason and then you go back through and you say hey i miss this right. It's that journey. That is so incredibly engaging. You know it's just it's it's a different. It's a different way of of learning in. It's it's live. It's been happening in real time. Yeah i agree joe in you know every time i posted charton i i had no has potential. Nobody wrong and i know i have the potential to be ridiculed and i'm willing to accept that you know that's part of though as part of the journey you know you try your best to avoid it but an also helps you sharpen your senses. You know you just don't want it way. A chart down and everybody see you're wrong by amr. Guess what i'm gonna learn from. It and i'm gonna go mama and that's all there is to it so yeah. You're also not hiding from it either correct correct. I always admit when i'm wrong. I'll come to that chart and say well. I was way the off here and you know. I think most people are are they. They recognize that you know that you're not posting something that supposed to predict and b. b. b. b. right. I mean notes coach. No trader or know charter is going to be right all the time no matter if you're the best charts in the world or you're a beginner you're going to be wrong. Sometimes and you know i think any any of the the the people got a following your charts. They they obviously recognize. You know that you are still learning because you tell them and you remind them so often. But what would you say like the most common things that you're hearing from these people. Are you making the same mistakes are do you feel like people are actually learning the most common thing people ask me or that. I come mm across seems to be. You know just people asking basic questions about t._a. Like why is this line here or why. Did you do this here. What is this what is the fifth naci for instance and you know it's a it's just the basic things that you learn as you progress and you know that's one reason why we mean ben started a t._a. Group where we're teaching beginners the wage trade and we just started it like last week week and we're at the beginning but we are progressing were teaching. Some people just the basics of t._a. You know that's all i can really teach so tribuna know what a moving moving averages an m._a. Like i said that's what i was. That's really i remember somebody telling somebody else in may during a conversation i said what the heck is the m._a. And i just didn't ask them because i look like four and there's a lot of people liked the inner worry to ask in a open forum like c. c. t. i think sometimes because because there were they think they're going to get ridiculed and it's not allies. Sometimes people are trolls and you know it's. I want people to understand. I'm not going to ridicule them for asking missile questionably yeah and i think there's a big distinguish you can you can distinguish what you're doing and which what somebody who's giving signals or trading advice. That's not what you're doing and i've i've been privileged to hear you conversation and been part of some of them about like the goals of this group that you're doing and you know it is for beginners and it's just the foundations. It's what is resistance. What is what does support trend line. It's the basic core principles to prepare you to learn a trade and i know that when i made that post tha ah to gauge the interest how big was that. How big was that response to man i think i think there were six hundred comments total. It was out of that. I could not believe how many people responded. I was overwhelmed yeah. It was passed six hundred. I think even got cross seven hundred at some point but yeah i i completely agree. I was actually really expecting two hundred three hundred you know engagements. I mean if you include likes and loves and and hearts and probably laughing faces it was it was probably well over at one point five thousand reactions of some capacity and you know there. There's there's no substitute to affirmation than engagement that way and it was a testament and people more like it was like your elvis presley walking around. You know like they were. They couldn't wait to hear from him and to be part of this group and we made it clear that we were going to try to keep that group around twenty five people. I think we're just around thirty just because there was so much a response we try to. We try to keep it <hes>. We don't want to be a we didn't want to exclude people that we know are we where we have certain relationships with and i know mr frederick frederick mayer racist hand to <hes> to to ask if he could also assist help with group at <hes> the point i'm making here is that you know the idea of just creating a foundational experience for someone who wants to learn to trade is a really important one and i really commend you and ben for stepping out and saying hey let's start with the basics and give these people an opportunity at least for the first twenty five people you know and i know the idea behind that keeping his mind too if you ask while twenty by people number one this is dubbed no charge and this is this is to help create an educated enough mind to take the next step into trading when you leave this group i i. I'm gonna speak for tam embiid barlow. Who's not on the call but i'm going to speak for a year for for a couple different reasons but we really need to make a disclaimer here. The idea is that you're not going to get the signal and make money the ideas not that you're going to be equipped to be a great trader. The idea is that you understand the terminology and a enough to know oh. This is where you get started at this. This is how i can go learn now. I'm prepared to at least understand the conversation which is very different than what most traitors experienced when they first start. Would you agree. Yes absolutely that's why i mean i started six months ago and i didn't even get a grasp of it until three months ago and i got a lot of help from the community utah blackburn ashra lston ernie bills all those people stepped up to home and i really appreciate everything they've done for me and if you know but it took a long time for me to get it because i did a lot of it on my own and with the if i would have had a class like this one i think it would have ushered mean to where now much faster agreed. That is an obstacle. That is very hard to overcome as you just admitted. You know what's an m._a. Like you don't even know where to i mean you might be able to go and even google search. It sure you go google search ah but then then what do you do with that information. You know there's a lot of things that indicators and names and words that need to be understood as a group to be able to truly take this seriously and you know identifying and then even becoming comfortable with what these words are actually doing or what they mean is probably in my opinion as someone who went through this myself at one point is probably the hardest part to get past. It's just that that learning curve of learning curve of what do i do with this information. Okay i know i know the fifty day. Moving average is now now. What do i do with it and although you're not going to sit there and you in both aren't gonna sit there and be like okay because this happened now. You're going to go long. Congratulations us made a little money. No absolutely not as much as people might like those things because people don't wanna work hard you wanna reward the ones who we're willing to work who are really really excited about this and who are about to put themselves in a position to at least have that foundation of knowledge to get started to the next step and like you mentioned you ashra olsen todd blackburn right these are people that have been instrumental might personal growth as well so to have people like that to look up to and you know obviously i know todd's videos were pretty inspirational to to to hunt him. Yeah absolutely joe. I remember watching one said the most important lesson for a traitor to know. I think that's what the name aim was. I remember when i watched it. I couldn't even stop. I had to stop watching halfway because i got so excited i rancho trading view and add to go play with the charge a little bit i was.

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