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I was watching the olympics and a thirteen year old. just got gold in skateboarding. And so i ask you. What were you doing when you're thirteen. Congratulations all failures. We were doing nothing. But i'll tell you this. I watched the olympics. And i know deep down inside me. There is an olympia. And i always thought i've had an olympian inside me and so maybe it's not too late. It's not too late ever too late. that's the theme. it's not too late. Maybe i could still be a thirteen year. Old gold medal olympic. Well l. it straight talk with ross. Straight talk with ross with tv's ross matthews and friends there's mckee there's malone awful dare c. j. j. j. d. hip-hip-hooray straight talk with ross and our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and set. We loved days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons cause we love our loons straight talk with raw. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on chardonnay. Jay talk with raw off that song so honored by all the plus to the quickest up malone is here thank you. Nicole boyer is. Cj texted well. He'll be here. He's data like a real job now here in palm springs until he's like i had to put a fire out at work and so he's doing that and he'll be here to stay tuned. Understood understood coming up unbelievable. She's a legendary comic. Grammy nominated comic coming on the program. Lisa lamp nellie elite here if you couldn't believe at her talking about change i mean she's a friend of nikki's i have been obsessed with these lamb l. e. like wherever. I think i've met her once. I'd seen And but i. I remember just being really nervous. Because she was called the queen of mean back in the day back in the day and now she's totally changed the queen of meaningful. We'll talk to her about how you make that kind of change. Hey speaking of change. Oh my god and gentleman you know around here. We have a news reporter name. Is sarah sanchez. nbc. You've probably heard of her. Please welcome to the program right now. This sarah sanchez. nbc okay. This is so she's not care as you running on a treadmill and stop high so we came on camera and it was just the What was just a couch. Sarah are you there. I'm here now. She's reporting live. Hello sarah sanchez. i know you're probably exotic. Sarah's sanchez has some huge news. But if you don't know. Sarah sanchez is our chief. News correspondent are less than seven news network. So when you hear the recap the news recaps. That's all sarah sanchez. Sarah sanchez also happens. To be the evening anchor the nbc affiliate in palm springs poon. Just about every night reporting the news sitting there in the anchor chair. Will you know you know. I watched before i knew. You're a straight talker but asked me why i was up at the crack of dawn. This morning nicole. Why are we done this morning. Well sarah sanchez is no longer on. the evenings. in palm springs on the global wouldn't was is on in the morning she. Now anchors the morning show on nbc palm springs and ross mathews. What's her guest helper tick off. Oh wonderful. I didn't know that i didn't either congrats sarah congratulations. I loved it alone. New did we were sitting there during the interview. Sarah sanchez was interviewed me. This morning my phone rang. And i looked down after we were done and tossed a commercial and i go. Oh my god it was malone calling me this early. He never calls me this early. But you had a psychic kit that. I'm sitting with sarah sanchez. I had a a poor mike. Why do i need. I need to call them you to call. Ross some kind of poll young and they were together. I was together and let me tell you what it's like night. There's by the way exclusive footage at the kiss. Kiss club dot com. You can go. But sarah and i so walk and you know. I love the news. So i want to know everything. Do you know how they read the teleprompter. The news anchors. Sarah sanchez controls. The teleprompter herself while she's reading it. That's amazing do with your foot or your hand a all. Do you have a pedal like a sewing machine are. We don't have a hands okay. Controller usually inkers. Don't run their own controller. They have somebody in the back doing right being in control interesting also i wore. I'm like what are you wear. Wear on the local news for starters. I had to wear pants for the first time in forever. Because it's hot. And i thought it'd be behind a desk so i wore sandals. We were not behind a desk. We were sitting down so my whole body my whole legs but sarah. What did i wear palms. But of course. I weren't lanes palm sprint prompster. Ross but we want because drew barrymore airs on that station. Rasi new record some bumpers that we can play like. Hey catch me. Every day every weekday to do very much and so then. I got to sit in the desk. And they have that huge screen behind me so then i got particular because they have all these live cameras. You know you have like And as we go to commercial let's take a look at the river. Eighty nine degrees right so they have a huge screen behind the camera. I did not like the shop behind me. What did i say sarah you said. I'm can we change this. Oh lord lord. Absolutely i mean yeah i totally agree was because it's bit. It was a very dreary morning in palm springs. It's been raining cats dogs all morning and so yeah he was like. Can you change. Whatever's happening behind your. I don't like it. You need it. And then i thought who the fuck put you in charge. Ross mathews but they change it and it was better wasn't it. Yeah well. I know who is doing it to our producer. He's very particular to like. He went into this hobby behind some flat. Looking live shot. Was it a live picture palm springs. What did it change to know. Now that i'm reflecting back on it. Ross you were talking about the penny slots yes on on the live. Show the light interview. Because i i just went ten dollars all day. August laughing about with a major sponsor of our news. Yeah so we should have really played it up because they pay me. They're like be make sure. Make check clears. You know what i mean. Well i gave him shout out. I said that. I want ten dollars. Tashaun forty five dollars. But i will tell you this. I was in that new studio and pulling up. I thought to myself and do you remember. Of course you remember in steel magnolias. When olympia dukakis bought the local radio station and right came a reporter right all of this to me. I'm like how. Could i buy the nbc affiliate for palm springs. Because then i could just give myself a morning show. I mean there it is right. I want a morning show. There's just drive yonder down the street. And it's just i do it and i you know an good morning palm springs. Hey it's going to be scorcher today. And then i'm like but what what is cheaper than a television station. Anything any any guesses hot. Cast of radio station podcast but a radio station and then so there's a radio station here called k- gay k. g. a. y. Yeah yeah hey. Fm and so now my fantasy is maybe i build an empire like i buy the nbc affiliate or sorry if i had to buy the abc affiliate. Would why not gonna put you on the spot. But i assume you would quit and just like.

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