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May apply enjoy one thousand dollars in savings from your shower and bath expert long baths dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks Mr found works on the southbound lanes of Fairfax county parkway right as you go underneath of I. sixty six they left it by the works on you do have access to both the on ramps and off ramps there you just be aware it's a little bit of a strange pattern but just use caution stop down twenty eight south Westfield Boulevard stay right past the work there brand sterling in Loudon county sterling Boulevard remains closed each way between route twenty eight Shaw road the ongoing police investigation incident which occurred yesterday evening also dealing with an investigation over in Fairfax va the Fairfax Towne center monument drive closed each way between west ox road in the entrance of the Fairfax Towne center monument court as a result of an accident involving a pedestrian again that is under investigation follow police direction ever re directing folks each whereas result sixty six west on as you approach of past one twenty three headed toward route fifty Fairfax two left lanes get you bother work sound have you driving on the beltway on the other group between route seven I. sixty six two lanes the wreckage bother work tonight at the Woodrow Wilson bridge the bridge openings completed no longer an issue say you've got lanes open in both directions in a loop of the beltway between New Hampshire Avenue nine ninety five stay left past the work the crash and was unable to practice you fourteen Central Avenue that is since been wrapped up and cleared and the ramp has been reopened rich hundred WTF traffic could be a couple so far is across the northern suburbs for the pre dawn hours cells were clear to partly cloudy almost be breezy and cold almost in the mid twenties lower thirties layers by a cold front approaches partly to.

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