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Countries might just be a silly outdated idea in terms of power and resources. I know that seems like a shocking statement but if you look at the size of the country of the companies that are bigger than countries that have more of a monopoly on resources that cannot be renewed and how few companies are competing for that. They're not United States companies. The companies have food monopolies are not United States companies their Brazilian their South American. Like we're pretending like the Chinese are our biggest threat. The Chinese owns one of one of the three or four companies that own the majority of the food. Germans have a surprising number of companies will the United States companies. That were in that game have been gobbled up in the last year and a half or so and who knows what the backroom deal on that is but I don't think it's Bill Gates because Bill Gates doesn't control the Food Resources Bill Gates has spent years inventing toilets to solve the shit crisis in the world of people having contaminated water and food from their own feces and dying from that illness. A completely fixable problem Bill Gates can solve our energy crisis our fossil fuel crisis with a new invention that trump shut down the second he got elected with a stable effective energy source that does not require limited resources..

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