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What planet has the quickest orbit around the Sun? Just give me definitions of planets sites useless. You're much better say rabbit rabbit. Rabbit Potato Potato Through Potato Save the gravity was not so strong to your like it is on the moon for. You've been oh yeah every day every day where are you based By by SD base. Where are you based Turkey? Oh owner giving just happened the whole dialogue about holiday. Like where's your. Where's your spaceship? SHIP ORBITING CLAN X T. Quarter Next C. O.. One it's like crazy out here I. I can't find the Yana my map. Okay so we are there stars. Did we ever talk about that. Oh Yeah Oh everywhere. Yeah confirmation on that kind of you look Iowa Star. Wow Yeah and it's out is out here. I I love to go stargazing as human activity. I love to do and I loved one. That must be all the time for you. I is all all you can. Do you have a loved one out there with you. Who's your loved ones? They actually records their name. Do Pleasure pleasure and how do you do it. I was wondering I because I could use some tips. Oh yeah I know Ala- The ballot you got your bottom hall law now. Which one do there's more than one you'll have one? I only have one too. I mean there's a few things going on I'm not gonNA cast the spurs like for only having one bottom all now. I know how I so. You you situate your bottom now bottom hall on what every lock and then breath and then you go up you go. He moves I decide friction and then is there the sounds like what I usually correction. Okay that's the out. Yeah is missing. The Internet was saying stationary. Yeah I was just like getting it in and just laying there and rock pollock to saw I can rock. I'll tell my husband. I am rock song by the way. Yeah you just sit and rock Sidra saw uh-huh and you know what what's crazy is when a house and a house to house Ricca you do. I have a house. Do you own a house. I don't own a house. Yeah Oh you have a house on sure is Are made of rock eggs and what Pena's is an you stack the whipping. Oh logs yeah. Yeah lumber okay. Small smaller rock rock. Asrat as and you baled and you live there with with your husband is yeah. That's eight could be. It could be whatever for you know I mean you know. S Dream Right I. I don't know why you're saying husband. Partner is a little more. It is trees on earth. I mean maybe you've just been gone for six months This happened in the last six months months. We definitely try to be considered. Police suddenly got very active. Humor is very tough right. Yeah it's so tough if you want to insult insult races in orientation yeah I know all about lion. Who's your favorite comedian? We might have some news for you at six months. Yeah Yeah I love on a day. What's your favorite joke? So you like you're scanning ever heard everhart up when you go to a promising start. Wow ever heard of when you go artie real. I really am smiling relating to things and I've gone other places. They don't intersect a lot when you go to bar I I on. There are too many people and got a new place. It's called in New York City New York University. What are the coordinates of New York University? Okay well let's ask. Ah Sarah Sarah Sarah. What are the coordinates of New York City Information? Syria doesn't tell L.. You anything anymore is found. Here's some information talk to bitch. Woah bird all your computers. You all you. Humans may included. We should burn our computers. Burn them bar all computer. I mean I. I think that's not a bad idea in terms of at least getting rid of some of your social media sites like facebook or twitter or something like that. I worry if we burned all computers mobile rocket delivery systems might be Commission to that point crazy yeah. I wouldn't feel safe. Got Rid of like every piece as a technology getting rid of Your Nest Cam. You certainly wouldn't want to do the great sponsor Nasscom Bambi Baby. Yeah smaller one owners can be that's for S. for your tiny doors doors doors or doors door. Oh Hey that's talking about your top. Yeah sneak during your snake back door boy so it goes in like a snake and it comes out like a snake. Yeah the story of food. Yeah wow that's gorgeous. I'm not flying star is they're all according to Siri. There's a million people in in New York so the law that's a lot. Yes perfect certainly If they all band together and work as one would certainly be unconquerable group of people some people move away. You think here's our dreams are working out for them. Probably probably maybe. It's good to be realistic. Move a why really WANNA audition no little more than just for law and order. It's true nights. You GotTa Florida well. They love Florida. I know one person who's moving out of New York going to Florida and not to get. I know that is exactly what you'll have to say I do. You know what a commercial is. We need to take one. I certainly hope it's I haven't been wasting all these plugs We need to take a break when we come back. We have that unemployed person that I was hyping. That's exciting. You know almost the opposite of you man. Another human being. Yeah Oh man well your tongue kind of look we are gonNA come right back with more comedy. Bang Bang after this. The state farm believes in helping people and strengthening communities being a good neighbor is rooted in the DNA and core values of state farm employees and agents and state farm is involved with many organizations and initiatives that are focused on bringing about positive change in the communities in which we live such as neighborhood assist which strengthens neighborhoods by providing selected organizations. And you know. They select them with grants to make their communities better wealth. There's also education assists which provides funding to colleges universities and nonprofits nonprofits in order to help students successfully obtained skills critical for long term economic security. And then of course my favorite neighbor. Who Do you F good dot com? Stay farmer you're listening to these. You've never told me to stop saying this neighbor. Who Do F- good dot com a platform that makes it easy to find in volunteer for causes? You care about as well as find inspiration with stories of others who who were doing good earlier this year. State farm launched their one hundred for good initiative which challenges employees across the country to perform one hundred acts of good a bigger small that will positively affect their communities. That's about one every three days. I wonder if they completed them. This program shines a light on how individual acts can and collectively make a huge impact in communities across the country. Find out more about what they're doing and how you can get involved in your community at neighbor who do F- off good dot com or neighborhood of good dot com. Look I love the post office. My favorite place. I love the holidays days because I just imagined mice. You know first of all. It's warm and toasty. You're wearing sweaters smell of chestnuts.

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