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Popular Critics argue though that longer term solutions are needed is our Berlin correspondent Jenny hill It's a lovely day in here in Berlin Sunshine pouring through the glass roof of the main city station the kind of day where you might go for the weekend Well here on platform 6 they're waiting to go off to the coast Germans have been promised a summer of cheap rail travel For €9 a month you can use any regional or local service and unlimited number of times It sounds too good to be true We've come to find out It's a complete month already For the 12 for bus inside the city My name is Utah And we go to visit our daughter and rostock Has it encouraged you to travel more Yes Otherwise we would take the car today Everyone talks about the rising cost of living Everything getting more expensive How helpful is this book for you And this is very helpful because you have less money It's only for three months What do you think about that It's still less It should be always No one's really sure how much this is all going to cost the government It's reckoned to be well over two and a half €1 billion Now you might think such a policy would have been carefully researched and planned out But actually it was a bit of an afterthought The government here has lowered fuel tax for drivers for three months And it came under pressure from within its own ranks to do something to ease the cost of living burden for other commuters too My.

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