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Hey good morning how you doing today I am not standing up fired up for this tonight I'm fired up to man you guys were talking about some great movies forgot the guy's name he listed out so many great ones so I'm gonna hide but I like the I would have to say deep mighty ducks for much hello you know what I'm sorry I didn't put that down on my list right now my detox perfect yes number two I'm going to say a devout filled with Danny Glover okay numbers look at the remake there is original lawyer was in black and white and I didn't even know that I didn't even know that the pen on the phone and in my third I would say the little giants I'm giants fan so just a time being the cowboys you know the great to me that's it awesome they don't have little jobs so you're the first color right three movies I don't even have on my list of the thirty movies that I wrote down Hey there well maybe yeah exactly that's what this is going to be fun Hey thanks yet all appreciate it let that's a great way to get things started number for you to join us eight five five two one two four CBS four two two seven Hubert Wisconsin welcome you're at CBS sports radio good Hey good morning rich can you hear me I got you mad give me your best three movies of all time in sports all right I've got semi pro with will Ferrell I see I have one that's not on my list either happy Gilmore love happy Gilmore and then you already mentioned it but I gotta go space jam number one overall speed you know that's why the bronze pose to be re make of that one how does he make it how does he beat the regional space jam have M. J. and that that's all I can say Hey perfect thank you so much I appreciate it thank you we're gonna go to chase the topix Jason welcome you're at CBS sports radio good morning good morning rich thanks thank you for taking my call man outside my G. twenty real quick were rejected I met you twenty years twenty years ago took care of your wife or the local hospital in Saint Petersburg Florida and I met you noting remember me I've been very well wow at Taco pull a rabbit out of my hat wow yeah it's been a long time to get items I had to call you up and I love the topic here's my house you do by which do good everybody's great thank you so much for asking give my regards my name is able to tamper for a while and yes it's my second home town so thank you so much you got it but top three movies yes Sir number three I was filling out my hometown all the right moves with Tom Cruise a little I'm a big fan okay number two we are Marshall with Matthew McConaughey okay that was going to be one of my top football movies I think that and remember the times but I think Marshall's one that I don't think it's enough play yeah but normal movie he was a great a great Matthew head coach and my number one all time is DC quest with Matthew Modine okay so you're going vision quest I thought about that that was the one the one people I think remember more about vision quest that anything else is the but Tana had a cameo in it then there was a Madonna song in the middle of it that's why they're a bunch of people watched it when it first came out well Matthew Modine play the most I mean Louden Swain was my hero okay and his the guy who beat beat in the in the match sh sh Brian shoot yeah I call him the recluse the motion pictures because after that you didn't hear from the more but yeah I mean you talk about a great soundtrack on me I lost a hundred pounds just listening to that you know worked out that damn sound track you know it was you your head journey ended right it was a feel good movie is pawn shop you rooted for for Loudon and it's just a great movie it's I can watch it over and over again and I wrestled in high schools of anybody Russell high school that is that you you have to watch that movie because there wasn't all the time there was a lot of hype about about wrestling outside of Olympic years so when you watch that we were like alright we got something for us as we said they called a bridge request that one scene in the movie where they're all on the floor running around jumping over a minute they're kind of on the Max yet at the end they all jumped in yeah that was called really quick we did every day after practice that was awesome take me back my rich it was good talking to you man in my regards your wife you thank you so much I appreciate that that's awesome twenty years ago help my wife out to care for possible I love it let's go to our unit in Oregon welcome you're on CBS sports radio good morning good morning how you doing I have changed that kind of changed up on me because I had my top one and then you said well get three movies that I don't mention that that's so sad what's on your list right there we are but now I got to come up with three different ones but yeah I love that what I'll give you one of the bride about going to find another one in there the Hoosiers a lot about my go back because I'm I'm like over half a century old but not gonna take it back I'm gonna put out by Amazon where James Caan and then Billy Dee Williams and that I cherish the fire is one that I haven't seen for a while but it still still holds for me so I got to put out Hoosiers showed the fire and Brian's song sure it's a fire that soundtrack was so good and I I would ride home the theme song to a but it was one of those iconic theme songs that you know was good because they use that song every time they want to sell something or they want to do so I event right but it would be if I mean it was a deep I mean the the the under stories and and everything about that movie was it was just a really good movie and even now I'm thinking about is bringing tears to my eyes I was thinking about when you sit chariots of fire can I say that invincible can I make that kind of a sports movie because it was the story Louise hampering me and he was an Olympic runner and a bit in the first quarter the movies about running so that might yeah might qualify right yeah I think so thank you for the call I appreciate keep listening thank you so much R. Michael Cleveland if you don't actually get your top three I'm going to be disappointed I do remember one yeah okay got I just want to make sure yeah and then my other two Caddyshack and then money ball my favorite of all time probably interesting too because it keep it up in that movie and with the Browns now so I want it I work for the Oakland A.'s during Moneyball and I actually I worked there before polity but esta came to work out for the the Cleveland when he came over he was in he was in Cleveland yeah when they're in use with the Baltimore stallions he was the last employee of the Baltimore stallions in the Canadian Football League anyone over Cleveland then he came over to work with Billy bean he's probably one of the most brilliant people I've ever met in my entire life and was such an interesting cat now is try to figure out how to crack the code it use sabermetrics and regressive analytics with the Cleveland Browns but I always think it's funny because he did let them use his name so they found somebody and Jonah hill that looks exactly the opposite well Paul DePodesta you know Jonah hill's built more like me short and dumpy ball the best was a runner was then but well you know in great shape out just the most wrinkled frumpy looking guy they could to get to play him but I just love because I was actually there at the time there are some things in the movie the weren't quite accurate the relationship between Billy Beane and in art Howe but the sense of the movie being there watching that team going from absolutely the worst team in all of sports to see them achieve what they did was pretty remarkable I thought they captured it really well as someone who's been there up close and personal it was very interesting to to see that movie thank you for the call Brigitte yeah he has to put your if you're from Cleveland if everybody from Cleveland tonight is not calling to vote for major league there there's something wrong with all of you think about Major League like our mo Joe dot com on you tube is got a he's got a video that I I was watching tonight that was the top movie moments or lines in the movie and they had major league in there with Charlie Sheen walking up to wild thing if you think about it that's really were walk up music became really really popular that everybody has their thing from Mario Mario Rivera coming to enter the Sandman to to whatever else your walk up music is but it was right there when they captured that energy in the movie major league that made a popular throughout baseball I got time to grab one more call before the top yeah let's go to Phoenix role welcome you're on CBS sports radio good morning Hey you guys Hey I got to just tell you about one movie that no one knows about it I mean no one knows about this movie was from HBO it's called long gone it's the greatest baseball movie you have ever not seen anyone that's listening this including you including lions that with your person you're interviewing check out long gone I guarantee you you will be completely blown away which is how good of a movie it is that you don't know about other things in the Madison Dermot Mulroney okay and other the whole thing it's such a great baseball movie although you're aware of how all right man he takes.

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