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The number you want a little help with your money you want understand stocks wanna talk about stocks we will do that would you right here on this show now here's lecture traffic every ten minutes on the four zero gomel fill a mess in the span way area we have a collision blocking all the southbound lanes on highway seventy two 51st read good area to avoid right about now heavy traffic both directions of i five from tacoma partially due to construction partly the from other collisions that cleared we have a two hour way to mukilteo ferry dock we have ninetyminute waited edmonds and the i90 floating bridge schedule the clothes bright around twelve fifty five or so and that's going to last until about two 40s closing for the blue angel flying overhead i'm john nelson our next report at twelve thirty four komo news now here's a look at your komo forecast sunny and smoky repeat after me that'll be the mantra from now at least through tuesday highs should be in the mid '80s lows in the mid to upper 60s over the long term we should see that rudra of high pressure that's keeping things dry up off whereas slide to the east of the cascades sean sometime around the middle of the week and that will allow for more clouds and cooler air which we need very much at this point to approach from the coast that your forecast i pete combs for your real life and real few tara comment on our talking all right here's what you should do stay in your house stay in your car get out your phone give us a call it smoky out there you should be getting money advice at eight seven seven three nine seven five good spin but.

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