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The whole situation with style was may have been a different outcome a one second i have mike from williamstown new jersey who has a question mic on the line go ahead hey how you doing mike gert how are you good how can i help you what's your ultra question today we have marty aims on the amazing toy maker uh businessman entrepreneur uh mr question for him or for me well for everybody who whoever could ask my question will be helpful so uh basically i have like a a really old stamp question that i inherited from my dad who passed away you know she's like twenty years ago and i'm not sure like what to do with it i i think it might be worth something but i just don't know how to handle that and well listen to stamp appraisal get it appraised find out what it's worth get out get two valuations and then obviously decide whether you want to sell it or not uh hopeful that helps in answers your question i appreciate your call we're going to have to continue kazan commercial break going up go ahead jim uh morning i just had one questionable talking about the tyrants with the movies of tom a you didn't mention of a one o one of the things tom houses on auto dealerships one of them is lexus arm the tie in with the black panther knowledge laser was lexus we just did a launch premier and the whole black panther thing was part of it right tom it was an amazing connection due to see unbeaten person and be involved with what about your feelings on that we could your ezra we're all year with toys russ has all the issues uh with the uh with the marketplace being contracted because of that because let's pass but was there with black pants and th they're they're stole the stock held the the of their future looks very strong uh across the board because the the future movies that with and will be released a in this key in this category it's open up a whole new john abuse the company people wind back twenty seven team you look at the huge hits off wonderwoman black panther you line g uh these all these groups accounts will we're we're we women blacks the it was it was.

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