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Scores have a tough night against the box let's have breakfast with the Black Hawk ahead of tonight's game at Carolina the bear say it was the hip still pretty heavy delays on the roads this morning the upon Kennedy especially in our in from here in about forty from the even thirty five express half hour out to the airport even says clear though the and Mike is in our five from three fifty three ninety rather from Mannheim forty five minutes about Stevenson from the tri state forty five minutes as well the about Ryan about forty from ninety fifth slow on the drive from Lawrence to Belmont thirty first to Jackson tri state ninety fifth up to about fifty five more delays to ninety into Irving park and in Addison exit army trail and mill and also downtown if you're born and lake for personalized traffic on demand give traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts a team high birth just search T. R. A. F. F. I. actually cargo van Velde from the Iraq traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or hi welcome to this ad for new subway slaughter starting at one eighty nine each how do you want to cheer squad give me a one eighty what anything mody tips and fun facts from Paul Kristen dexter total anymore there are some Conservatorium are bubbles are ridiculous selection of champagne and sparkling wines will make the holidays Chris the white pair perfectly misprint cocktail other light appetizers let me show you the perfect soft long.

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