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And then you'll give me a little bit more credit. All right. What was a real review? No, excuse me. So just in terms of macro stuff. You know, align your intent provide value that will give you great confidence. Great moral clarity. And then specifically you just want to you know, you wanna ask open ended questions you want to ask questions that demonstrate value? So that you can learn what matters to that person. So that you can treat them like they mattered to you. And then asking follow up questions that are for the purpose of clarifying. So that you can comprehend so that you can connect. And if you do that, you really going to make an impact on people's lives, you're going to sell you're gonna make money, but you're also gonna you're going to exercise tremendous influence will will make you think you're so much only successful. There's so many points in podcast, you surpri, like, I'm not just saying I don't say about every podcast. But this is one that he'd go back and take notes threw for sure for sure so guys. From the Ronald McDonald fucker and myself. Happy Sunday sermon, we love you. We appreciate you. Thank you so much for making this podcast. What it is. You know, we're one of the few podcasts doesn't run ads, and we don't market in our success in this in. This message has everything to do with you guys sharing. It. I appreciate that. Because it makes me extremely proud. It makes me know that a you guys are on the same page as us be. You're paying the fee that we ask which is if you have value in episode, please share it. But most of all I think there's a lot of pride because it's like do we're beating the shit out of people who spend millions of dollars a year in advertising based off of what you guys are doing for us. And I can't tell you what that means for us. So I have a great Sunday genuine. Thank you from Vaughn Tyler. And I and I will see this coming week..

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