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One way or another. And we'll do so respectfully and give them minority at say and. The articles filed will sign them to a committee. Just like we do with any other substantive resolution, but your state lawmakers are set to adopt a new sexual harassment policy for themselves. Once they meet up again in January Eric Berman. Legislators could already face discipline for unwanted sexual advances. But the new policy says so explicitly and makes clear you can't face retaliation for filing a complaint the house and Senate ethics committees would be in charge of deciding whether there is substantial evidence of misconduct. Eric, Bergman Ninety-three WABC mobile news. And when you think about thanksgiving dinner, you often think about Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, even pumpkin pie. But what about bacon? Sam would argue the iconic American feast should include bacon America, makes this stay competitive better than every other bacon that you're gonna find anywhere else. Peter, Sherman mixes bacon, drippings butter and sage for the thanksgiving Turkey underneath the skin. So that it's kind of self Basting. He says it's also good in. Booze use it to infuse vodka for bloody Marys urban, and that bourbon infused fat can then be used for baking pickle, juice and other secret ingredient Joanna assaults of Dillard's dot com. Says brining with it turns out an amazing Turkey the me the bird really gets really infused flavor. But also the skin gets really Kristie. She says roasting breasts side down makes for a better bird Lilian. Woo Fox News. And I'm C J Miller on the level on the go and on Twitter, Ninety-three, WIBC and WIBC dot com. It's eight thirty four time for a check of traffic. Here's matenaer. All right. C J light on the interstates right now. Looking at inbound sixty nine coming down from fishers? Yeah, we're pretty much done. Therefore the moment. Still be careful even binder manners for this. Thanksgiving Day holiday, just peace on earth. Goodwill to men, and I think that's Christmas, though, crash on the south side US thirty one south of Thomson road..

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