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Podcasts. The cases we gotta find who wrote this note, we do that. We find the killer. This science defined out. Police used Luminol a chemical which close when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama, but where was the rifle, and which man was telling the truth for renchik files. The legendary true crime show is now a podcast. Join investigators as they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools. Subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every Monday and Thursday, you'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix. Now, we turn to one of the rising democratic stars will help define the party's future. Michelle Luhan Grisham became the Democrats. First Latina governor in the nation when she took office this January in New Mexico and quickly made national headlines when she ordered all national guard troops mobilized by President Trump withdrawn from the border in her state. She said her state would not quote, take pod in the president's charade of border fear mongering around the same time. She released this ad for her policy agenda with her own take on what to do with those walls. I'm Lou hunker. Sean New Mexico's forty ninth and employment and fiftieth for schools. We got a bus through some walls to make changes. Create public and private partnerships to rebuild our infrastructure. Really more apprentices and skill drinking. And the billions in the permanent fund to invest in schools and small businesses. And here's what I think of Trump's wall. Well, governor Luhan Grisham that is one heck of an entrance. Thanks for joining us from Santa Fe. Let let me just ask you very clearly. Yeah. Let me just ask you used to be a congresswoman, you know, all this Muller report is is being poured over in congress and what to do next. What is your take? What should congress do particularly the Democrats in charge of the house right now? And how should they respond to President Trump saying that he doesn't want any officials going even if that called? I think that the Democrats in congress are absolutely on the right track by focusing on accountability. We'll give nothing else. Muller reports showed a presidency in total disarray with the most outrageous unethical behavior. These are not standards that can hold in a democracy, and the Democrats in congress have got to use their majority to make sure that they continue to get information that allows them to hold this presidency and this administration accountable. Lemme ask you them because you bring up the Democrats clearly we've went out seeing a field of some twenty two democratic declared candidates. We know that form of vice president Joe Biden is going to announce tomorrow just give us your impression of the candidates, the quite different policy focuses, and what do you think the people want? For from democratic candidate in twenty twenty. Well, I'm going to do the last part of your question. I I mean, we're going to see what people want from these candidates as we go through the primary process. But I think that we're seeing clearly that there is a robust set of efforts to show that we've got policy ideas, the right kind of credentials that integrity ethical behavior that problem solving while most of them have specific nuances that are different between their educational platforms. And they're making sure that we are fully engaged in a democracy by voting what we're gonna do same day. Registration like, we're doing New Mexico, those kinds of issues, they're all focusing on the economy, college, affordability, dealing with healthcare, and that I think is gonna play out productively because Americans want these issues addressed and they are not being addressed. In fact, they're being worsened. In every way by this president so bring up that Willis talk now because that brings up the immigration issue and the border issue because you are a border state, and you have been very critical of this wall idea and of all that's going on and the tragedy of two children in your state who died because of you know, all sorts of issues with detention and other. It's really a real live issue. You all in New Mexico, and you ordered the removal in the withdrawal of national God that had been sent from other states into your area. How big a problem is it for you. Well, I do wanna talk about the challenges at the border New Mexico, if you will has become a Ellis Island, and we want to take that issue seriously, and we're not going to shy away that it presents significant challenges. But here's the difference. I'm leading the state with great support from incredible new Mexicans who are rising to this challenge and responding to a call for action. Unlike the president who is fear mongering who's creating tensions at the border who will not negotiate who will not work with congress will not invest in the issues that would prevent the kind of mass migration that we're seeing today will not do anything about dealing with serious problems like human trafficking and drugs coming into the United States in any number of areas, including the post office. Instead he wants to build a. A wall. So he declared he tried to declare a national emergency and tried to use our resources in order to justify that political rhetoric. Instead, the national guard isn't needed because they can't do immigration enforcement that is an unlawful act. And so I was refusing to participate in that where I am absolutely on the ground. Unlike the federal government, I have homeland security on the ground doing communications setting up a law enforcement support to our state police who were also there because having an influx of people creates a public safety challenge. We have nonprofits and local leaders and mayors providing housing and transportation and got my department of health who's providing necessary of medical services. I mean, these are folks who were dehydrated, and I can tell you what we're not doing. We're not putting toddlers in cages, we are working to make sure that we are respond. Bonding to a very real very real humanitarian crisis that this president is participating in and helping to create by refusing to hire border patrol agents, having them adequately trained keeping ports of entry open and allowing asylum seekers to seek asylum correctly inappropriately and providing visas on the front end and investing in the problems in these countries who are facing horrific violence, I expect congress to continue to work on that to secure the border to invest in smart technology, and in the personnel that makes a difference there and my state will participate in cooperate fully with those evidence-based smart reasonable, national security security and border security issues. And I'm not gonna teach treat children and their mothers as a national security threat in my state. You also just mentioned green energy and clean energy. New Mexico is a fossil fuel rich state. And you're in the midst of a boom that an oil boom, but you also have Oude to take on the issue of climate change. This is one of the one of the videos that you had during your campaign. Let's just play it. You don't see a lot of candidates for governor out here. Much less willing to climb a twenty six story ladder, but Michelle is no usual candidate as governor. She'd required that New Mexico. Get fifty percent clean and renewable power. She'd sell energy to other states to create jobs here conceal invest in job training. An apprentice shifts to teach these skills to more workers New Mexico should be leading on clean energy Michelle's

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