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Row studios in the crap part of Bedford, New York, and the crap part of the south fork of Long Island. It's the men in blazers podcast Rodgers. We back. Like my dean, the man who retired. Only to become the Premier League for our official in the worst remake of sexy beast ever. He's like a fighter pilot who retired only to fly drones. Just what I thought I was out. Classic move to resign and then it's like James Brown thrown off his cape and the PGA and they're like, no, no, no. Come back, mate, you always are king. Robots are gonna robot. Roger, you're back from Italy. Yes. What? I know you love the place. Went to your favorite place in the world. Tell us about it. Rossio, yes, I did a couple of meetings with clubs a lot of cacio E Pepe. I went to a new city Bologna that never eaten my way around before I found a new drink. I've always been a vin Santo kind of guy, but I got into sword dinon after dinner, sippy sip drink, murto de, have you ever had that? Uh huh. I don't have ever had murto. There's a clue in the name, I think it's extracted from the Myrtle bush and where knee deep into my bush day though encountered so many peas across the land reveling genuinely. Alongside me in every single plate of prosciutto, they could get their hands on, including this dude, Andrew picorna, who sent us this Raven Devo do the honors. Roger saw you on the Ponte vecchio in Florence today, but did not want to interrupt as you were with your wife, nice of you to try and spread the beautiful game to a country who can't manage to qualify for the World Cup. Yeah, so there's somewhere on the Italian men in blazers. Walmart in blazers. I wonder what blazer is. I've been doing a lot of Google English to Italian. Well, this is remember when we did the Latin, it was something recti veste, men correctly dressed because we couldn't translate it into Latin, so it may be similarly hard to translate it into Italian. Yeah, I think Google in Italian is telling its blazer, which I find hard to believe. I think it may be. USA, come back to us when you've won the Euros, but God bless Italy, gave it one big thing that I really noticed. The haircut that seems to be catching on across the nation of Italy is it's bald people pretending to be had. Wow, really? In the Antonio Conte, a sort of Antonio Conte vibe. I did think that it was like an effort to reclaim a sense of context, but there's just it was more like, you know, when bald guys just grow the hair long and straggly, letting the curls grow in and create kind of like an avant garde stylish. I guess it only stylish in an Italian way a stylish co move, it is. I thought that I wondered if there is and I wonder if the Italian sociologist listening has there been the miracle as they probably call over there, the miracle of Antonio Conte's hair resurrection, his hair nissans. Do you think they actually believed that it wasn't a Turkish hair transplant Devo and they're just like if he can do it, he's my inspiration. I can do it. I don't remember this, but years ago, my dad became obsessed that I looked exactly like an Italian TV star who played inspector montalbano on Italian television. And he was a ball gent with a beard, bit of a scruffy beard. There's definitely a Devo resemblance, but I'm very sad that Italy's going backwards and they've into full on baldur Nile. God, I read a lot of Montevideo while I was there, thanks to many gfs who had a lot of calvino at an incredible, incredible reading holiday, but I will say it was bloody moving to be back in Italy for the first time post COVID after months of watching that nation agonize has really it was Europe's ground zero and served up the rest of the world just viral video after viral video with like neighborhood singing opera together from their balconies or cops doing dance routines in deserted cities to see that nation throng again thrive again was unbelievably humanly moving. God bless you, I can not wait to be back in that great nation. They're talking a great Italian. It is with incredible sadness that we mark the passing of Tony sirico. Poorly walnuts, all right. Talking about Italians with great hair, they say, what a character, what a life, what an actor, what a passing. I mean, unforgettable in that role on The Sopranos own the whole show, you know, I was moved to read his entire bio afterwards. I mean, that really was the role that changed his life and the post Sopranos world. And beloved within the Hollywood community in the Italian American acting community as well. I love the story about him when The Sopranos cast appeared at the group shop for the cover. I think it was Rolling Stone at their height poorly. Stood up with a baseball bat slung over his right shoulder and it came out the no hairdresser on The Sopranos set was allowed to touch his hair. That style that thick, two silver winged on either side, he blow dried it, sprayed it himself always dear listeners always spray your hair yourself right. You do your work. You do your own hair work. You do do your own work and Terence winter, I'll give him the final word a writer on The Sopranos tweeted. The first thing Tony ever told me literally on day one was you're the new rider. Let me tell you something. If you ever write a script while I die first, I die. Then you die. God, go through life. Like Tony serie cake, but without the killing GFPs listening. Yeah, same rule that exists in the Premier League writers from Russia. I'm sure. Okay, the biggest news out of many places world headquarters. We just sold it. But you wrote me out, you think you wrote me out mother come on. I love that. Instant death to referee. I love that. It's very good. The biggest news at a men in blazers world headquarters this week, rod, you're sold out show with Frank Lampard and Everton football club this Thursday at Washington, D.C.'s historic Howard theater. And while the show was sold out, you're doing a post show drink with GFPs at the Brixton on U street and that is open to anyone and everyone, even if they did not attend the show. Yeah, be honest, I want to do the post show drink at RFK stadium. But it turned out that it's unavailable. But I am giddy. Oh, so bloody giddy. I can't even tell you I was away in Italy all I was thinking about was this show that city, Washington, D.C., a place I used to live and love so much with a club that I love more than anything. And despite what I've done to my blood pressure this year, here's what I'll say, GFPs, if you're coming to the show, be ready for something very, very special. And even if you're not, please come be with us at the Brixton right afterwards. If you didn't get a ticket, but what a come and raise a beer, come down to you street among the former haunts of Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, and now us. I imagine the number of Ben's chili bowl half smokes you consume after that one will be at rod Strickland levels. Again, it's going down at the Brixton on new street right after the show at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. And with that, roger, can we get a welcome back from Italy tost? I want to raise this first third of the day to the U.S. women's national team, who not only beat Mexico one they'll last night. Either a lackluster performance or a gutsy, get it out, get the W performance, depending how you want to view it. That needed an 89th minute goal from our friend Christy newest day top their group not only at the Concacaf W championships.

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