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A foster taper the possibility of two hikes I mean some people are talking about perhaps the most dramatic move in the dot plot that we've ever seen But lots of people tell me not to look at the dot plot I don't know Which bond market will be the most robust in the face of a fervent fed Well I mean the region will perform very well Even in a tiny site even in the tightening cycle So if you look at the bond markets in the region the long bonds they have tended to trade very nicely in the last few weeks There's been almost no impact from this tapering talk on yields The short term has come up a little as you would expect But the bond market itself is really well contained In fact there's a very interesting charge which he had Bloomberg has done showing the resilience of the economies in the region to fed hike relative to other emerging markets And I think that really speaks to the fact that we've got low relative exposure to debt to GDP We've got the currency peg which is well managed So I don't really see too much risk from as long as cause these hikes are a moderate and not off the charts as perhaps Muhammad alerian would like to see He's very fervent in regards to re grasping control of the narrative No more Jordan Rochester your colleague on last week on the European side I mean what's your view in terms of are we going to see the biggest move in the dot plot history of the dot plot history No no no I mean I think chairman Powell has shown himself to be a dove to put it mildly He's trying to talk up the hike cycle if you like to prepare the markets but I very much doubt that we'll see anything more than a slightly accelerated taper announced the next meeting Okay tarik thank you so much Bringing back the dove for Jay Paul terrified of noura asset management My guess this morning aren't Middle East markets breaking news coming through acquisitions of plenty This is CSL They're confirming there and talked to by a pharma company in Switzerland Vi for So CSL agrees to buy vifor The equity value of the trade is 11.7 billion dollars so they had confirmed that they were in discussions CSL will keep the market informed as they said And we have vital move by 14%.

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