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Of the Dodgers, the youngest to call the World Series at age 25 in what was the first of 25 World Series play by play assignments. 20 no hitters, 12 all star games. Vin Scully, the most famous WTO alum was 94. No easy transition to the new look nationals 5 one winners over the first place mets to begin life without Juan Soto. Dave Martinez was just happy to have all the trade deadline madness behind him. That was relieved. I really was, I mean, I felt a different breath of fresh air and premieres about regrouping. And saying, this is what we need to do moving forward. So I was proud of the boys going out there today and doing what they did. Especially the rookies, Corey, Abbott taught 5 scoreless innings in his first start for the Nats in 30 year old Joey manesis in his long awaited major league debut, homered in his second at bat as the villain for the departed Josh bell, who along with Soto was del two San Diego for 6 players. Orioles fans saw all star closer Jorge Lopez dealt to Minnesota, but Jorge Mateo Homer twice in a 8 two victory in Texas. Ron Rivera's commanders were again without Curtis Samuel but had their first training camp practice in pads. You just want to make sure that as we ramp this intensity up that we are doing things the right way. We don't want to lose our focus and our intent in terms of developing learning and growing just because we got the pads on. We got to play within ourselves. The mystics are doing that. They're winners of 9 of their last 12 after an impressive 83 73 win over the Las Vegas aces to sweep the season series and slide into fourth in the WNBA. Rob wood can double you TOP sports. The top stories were following for you on WTO, House speaker Nancy Pelosi's in Taiwan. Her visit ratcheted up tensions between China and the U.S., China announced it would conduct military maneuvers in retaliation, Taiwan is an independent nation, but China insists it's part of its territory. We're learning more details about the drone strike that killed the world's most wanted terrorist, Al-Qaeda leader Amman Al zawahiri, was sitting on the balcony of a safe house in Kabul when missiles hit. The strike was reportedly many months in the making. Tuesday was primary night in 5 states, 2020 election deniers are going for top seats in Arizona, and in Kansas, there's an abortion rights referendum on the ballot. It is currently losing, meaning the state constitution would not be changed to remove abortion rights protections. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. A new nationwide task force, including D.C. Maryland and Virginia, will target the deluge of robocalls from foreign countries. Besides being annoying, scam and fraudulent robocalls routinely swindle people out of their money. Nearly $30 billion in 2021 and most of the scam calls originate overseas. What the anti robocall task force plans to do is investigate and bring legal action against the telecoms that our gateway providers allowing the fraudulent robocalls into the United States. There are an estimated 33 million scam robocalls a day to phones in the country. Particularly on WTO P news. It's two 18. Traffic

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