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To be playing in these balls on the free kick. Now look, I mean, maybe I would say go raina, but he's obviously out. On a Costa did have that role in the summer a little bit. He played in that. He played in the ball for miles Robinson's head. Yeah, and he didn't start the game, so right. So it's been incumbent on Brendan aronson, who can strike a ball. Yeah. You know, he was there. But right now, it's just non threatening. And all a lot of these set pieces is just kind of on repeat. It's like I just saw this. It's become frustrating because that's such an important part of advancing in tournaments and certainly in qualifications. So it's something they're going to have to work on. And I'm sure that they're aware of that. As we get into the second half, JJ, I mean, let's go to the Bobby Reed moment. I mean, the balls played in. It's a dangerous ball. Antony Robinson tries to clear it, but I don't know what he's doing. So that goes horribly wrong. And it winds up being just like a perfectly set up ball for Bobby Reid, maybe it bounced a little higher than he was expecting. Couldn't get his foot on top of it. And from within 6 yards, he blasts that thing way out into rosette as you would say and I mean, what a let off for the U.S. and what a potentially deflating moment for Jamaica to not have converted that. We just should have called this podcast now. We just call it deflation. Did the word just keeps coming up. And it starts Andrew would Deandre yedlin in the fullback position. He should clear his lines. He gets kind of caught in two minds, half goes for a ball, Jamaica get it back. Bog goes into the box. Again, I don't know what Anthony Robinson is doing, but I will say this. If Bobby reads scoffs that, it's more likely to go in than the connection he got on it, which was just like rocketed. If he clips it with the bottom of his boot or his studs, it's probably going in to the net. And in a game where I thought he was so poor. For a player I've really liked. I thought he was just so far off it. Tonight. I mean, everything he did. And then I think later on he had a corner kick and it hits the first defender. And I'm like, just take this guy off. If I'm the Jamaican manager, you know, whitmore, get rid of them off straight away. Andrew, that was just the most massive massive stroke of lock. And then I think in like the 65th minute, Pulitzer Pulitzer coming on for where I want to take into. I know you've got to take someone off. But I wouldn't have. For the late, you know, unless he's, you know, they're managing minutes. I know he has had injuries in the past. On unless they're doing that. And it's a load management issue. I'm leaving him on. And I'm finding another way to get through this again to the game. And kellyn Acosta for younes Musa again just screamed to me. Musa, I don't know, was it tiredness? Maybe there's not enough 90 minutes in his legs at Valencia. I'm not sure. I would have left him as well. Because bringing Kellen a cast iron means a little not a little a lot more conservative in your approach towards the end of the game. And then you saw, I guess some have chances. Well, before you before you move off of that, I want to say one thing because I have one criticism of the substitution and involves Christian Pulisic, but it involves a kind of the other way. I don't know, we talked about the Thomas Tuchel comments, almost like subliminally bullying the U.S. into being ultra conservative with pulisic. It wasn't subliminal. It was very obvious. I don't know that he was trying to bully them. He was just suggesting, please don't get my guy hurt. Please be responsible with how you use them. I'm not saying Greg bear halter, listen to that or cared. But to me, in a game where the U.S. are clearly floundering in attack and you've got this gem like bring them on earlier. I don't know maybe they had some time. Sure. Sure. It's Christian Pulisic. And look, I will choose to trust them in terms of what's going on behind the scenes that I'm not privy to, whether that whether that be some kind of conversation about being conservative with him because it's important that he be playing a prominent role in his club side. Maybe that factored in, or just what they saw from him in training, maybe they're maybe they're performance staff, said I wouldn't push this guy. I don't know. There could be more than I am aware of. But just going off of what I've seen and the player that he is and what the U.S. were in need of in that moment, I would have brought him on earlier. That's my criticism. They needed something dynamic and attack. And look, we saw it against Mexico. 20 minutes is certainly more than enough time for him to come on and make his mark. But I wouldn't mind 45. So that was a little bit disappointing to me. I would have liked to have seen more of him not just tonight. But in this cycle, in this window, I agree, but I think what they were trying to do is to break the cycle. IE the cycle of lots of time in international Judy injured out for Chelsea back for international Judy. Nock picked up out again. I think that there was probably a maybe not a complete meeting of minds because there was a little back and forth between bear halter and Tuco but a general sense that let's try and manage his minutes. But like because tuka was talking about pain Andrew. No pain, we could get into a whole debate about what does paying mean does pain necessarily mean you're injured, not actually paying on recovery, all those things. Tug was talking about pain. He was still feeling pain going into this window. I don't know. I mean, I look at it and think, well, how many how long does it take for a guy to be built up and ready to go 90 minutes, or at least he had been training with Chelsea? He came on with two substitute appearances for Chelsea..

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