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I want to say, you know, I readily admit that I've been at times awful host terrible interviewer awful habits as a podcast host. You know, speak on things that I don't know nearly enough about speak with certainty about things that I shouldn't. And I definitely need to do better on these fronts. I need to be better on to do better. And I expect myself when I want to be better. I've been you know, I've heard someone say forget who said it. But they said if you're under a hundred podcasts, then you really have no idea what you're doing. And I really hope that's true. Because we're this is number ninety three. And I know I still have so much to learn improve as a person as a host as entertainer. As a human being, and we only have seven and yet despite all that so many of you have continued to support us and show us love and appreciation and to see the goodness. And the sweetness n me the spite my best efforts to thwart you at times. I think part of me was so I was so. Felt so distance from the fans in a way recently because on one hand there's people that hate me. And so I'm like fuck them. I don't even wanna read the Connor because I'm too fragile. And then the people that love me, I feel like because I hated myself, and they don't love myself that the love that they will show me wasn't genuine that. I couldn't accept it. It was just them being nice or whatever, I don't know. And so. I think that. Yeah. I just I don't know. It couldn't accept any of. It was just too much for me. But I do want to say that from the most sincere and appreciative played for people that have continued to believe me and see something good. Emmy and something here that you like that. It is amazing. And it means so much to me. And I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments on the episode before the Tom Christina episode. I had made a side that nobody seemed to like the podcast when there was a huge outpouring of love and support in the comments telling me that I should keep it up..

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