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So you're always adjusting adapting discussing and navigating it together, you may have the illusion that you can figure it out for good get the right things in place master, the best methods and techniques, and then you'll be all set you will have arrived. But as soon as you think you have it all figured out something will change, and you'll need to adjust and adapt and figure it out again when you get married you're starting end a conversation that never ends conversation. That includes all the everyday details about bringing in the recycling bin and stopping by the vet to get those pills. Did you call the Tristian and at a much deeper level? It's a conversation in which you never stop figuring it out. You're going to try things that don't work. You're gonna say yes to things that you later regret, you're gonna spend money on something. And then later realized it wasn't the best decision. You're going to have lots of conversations, and what you say to each other. Let's not do that. Again. You're both unique your marriage is unique and. Learning what works for you will require lots and lots of talking. That's fascinating to me. How many people in those QNA's onto her? Are there questions are are all the question of? Yeah. You're going to have to your figuring that out. Yeah. I do think there's a a common thing that people believe that if only I could get to this place, then I would have it all figured out or only this or that were different. Then I then we would be happy then it would be smooth. And everything would be figured out. I think there's also a common misconception that other people. Have it figured out? Right. Like, we're the only ones that seemed to like Beflay during. And and I think that's what we wanted to get out in the section is is it's the nature of being human. It's the nature of two people creating some something together the space between them. You're going to be endlessly figuring it out. And that's if you can see it as this is part of the fun. Absolutely. Which goes back to the story that you're telling the father and the two sons like the story that you attach to this stuff. The thing that you're going through. Oh, this is the worst season ever. Or oh, this season has thrown us all sorts of interesting challenges, even that shift or you can lighten up about that list of things you just read about the things that didn't work. Yeah. Can you like lighten up and say, we're human? We're figuring this out or UNLV like it's just money. Well, it's just money. You've always been great about. Ever about having that perspective about being light about things that don't work. I think maybe it's part of. Being a writer being someone who creates things you. You have a. Intuitive knowing that that's just how the creative process. Right. Right. Right. Sometimes you have to make a big mess before you make the thing you're making. I always go back to you. Always tell me this this this is just part of it. Let's just Bissett all part of it. I actually do a whole episode called. This is all I actually had a working on called. This is all part of it just to try and help people normalize..

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