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Pain to the max new BC max in a great tasting lemonade flavor One 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rob stallworth in the traffic center Thanks Andy looking good on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and maclean no problems on 66 as you make your way eastbound and westbound between Gainesville and roslin for the west on I 66 delays toward I 81 southbound If you sound down on I 81 this is near Rudi 11 in Strasbourg exit two 98 we have the left lane block for the crash single file right will get you by there I 95 southbound off and on the brakes between the Springfield interchange and Fredericksburg for the south on I 95 near route three that crashes on the right side completely on the right shoulder drawing attention there Northbound slows leaving route one spotsylvania headed toward route three and Fredericksburg after the rappahannock river you enjoy a better ride toward the Springfield interchange with travel lanes open north Dan I three 95 is this volume passenger George Washington Parkway up to and across the 14th street bridge with travel lanes open If you're north down on the GW Parkway near memorial bridge we may have one stopped in the roadway there Otherwise traveling in Maryland to 70 remains clear no problems on I 70 as you make your way out of Frederick headed toward Ellicott City northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway still slows past one 93 had its ward powder mill road with travel lanes are recorded to be open for traveling in Bethesda old Georgetown road southbound ramp to the outer loop We had the right side blocked for some debris We understand that may now be clear davidsonville four 50 defense highway between saint Stephen's church road and crowns world road may be under police direction for the crash in response on scene If you see a new traffic in an organ update on one we're talking about call us here in the traffic center 8 6 6 three zero four WTO P at 8 6 6 three zero four 98 67 I'm rob's full worth WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Brian Miller We've got mild weather and mostly cloudy conditions for your Sunday but big time weather changes coming in tonight.

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