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You did ride on people's approval enough of the of the effects I think we are about to. I think we're i think we're pretty much done with this show today. I think we do. I think we've reached the limit within that. Actually giving away too much but also rambling quite a bit because we do that a little bit. Maybe you let one last one last interesting fact Joel cohen of the coen brothers was one of the editors of this movie before they were the coen brothers like they got they get the inspiration for like the idea of like prototype film and made their first major film after working on this. Well they all pretty much got pretty famous after this. Like i mean it was like they're jumping off point jolt and he kind of went on the more serious route but yet he They had a very good reputation probably better than reigning not that he has a bad reputation. But you know he's a little legs. He likes the cheese man than the he do. He did power rangers too. Didn't he didn't he. I wouldn't be surprised that makes sense. Let me. I didn't see that. Let me let me ask dr google his name. He's he appears on my screen. I mean yeah. I used to ask jeeves. But he kinda disappeared slackers cheese. What kind of what. Kind of Let's see.

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